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Barclays business bank account

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  • Barclays business bank account

    Well today i've had a letter off Barclays Business Banking Notifying me that the aacount is closed.
    The Business account went Overdrawn no fault of my own, as I had No overdraft faciilty.
    The Bank had paid a Direct Debit that also was cancelled the week before. This has left me 898.63 overdrawn plus 29.50% interest to date.
    Can anyone advise on how to handle this matter, as I need to sent letter, as One I don't have the money to pay, two Why should I have the worry when there was no overdraft set up. Thank you to anyones advise. :tinysmile_aha_t:
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    Re: Barclays business bank account

    Is it only the Direct Debit that led to the overdraft, or have there been other transactions you have made which have contributed to it?


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      Re: Barclays business bank account

      Hi thanks for your reply. the bank had paid a cheque too that was part to make overdrawn.


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        Re: Barclays business bank account

        Is this the first time it has happened, so something that has come out of the blue, or have you repeatedly been in this situation which has led to this action?


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          Re: Barclays business bank account

          the only occasion . thx


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            Re: Barclays business bank account

            Is there anything here which helps?


            I would have thought you would be wanting interest and any charges stopped, and an affordable repayment plan set up as a minimum. Remember the above is not legislation though, it is good practice to which they are subsribed.



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