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Barclays new 8 charge!!

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    Re: Barclays new 8 charge!!

    I too have recieved letters stating they're charging me for Barlclays guarenteeing those debit card transactions. but we're all correct... if there's no money the debit card transactions are declined in the first place but if there is money the money is removed and held in the holding account and then all is screwed up a few days later when a d/d comes out and the debit card transaction is confirmed by the original person paid.


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      Re: Barclays new 8 charge!!

      Transactions below shop floor limits wont immediately show on the non available balance thingy.

      Nattie knows more about shop floor limits.
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        Re: Barclays new 8 charge!!

        What I do know is that there should be no Floor limits whatsoever. One poster on one of the forum said that they had their machine set up to check every 50th customer.
        With regards to what the Barclays manager has said, I would agree since the transaction is not complete until it has fully debited your account as explained earlier.


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          Re: Barclays new 8 charge!!

          I would say, yes I agree the transaction is not complete until it has fully debited a persons account. However, the amount is taken off the available funds to prevent you re spending this amount again. Plus when you make a puchase using your debit card if you have funds it is accepted, if you have none it is declined. Therefore impossible for it to become a guaranteed transaction unless the bank decide to agree a limit to which they will honour your debit card payments upto which would then become a guaranteed transaction which has been agreed when there are no available funds.


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            Re: Barclays new 8 charge!!

            Hi there!
            I have the same problem with Barclay`s.
            8 pounds charge for every DD bounced back. IT IS A SMALL FORTUNE.
            Please let me know if you manage to sort it out or if you know any solicitor that can help me get all these charges back.
            I think is a shame the system allows them to do that.



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