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Demonsterfying Bank Staff

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  • Demonsterfying Bank Staff

    A lot of forums talk about the negative aspects of customer service and of certain perceived traits so this is the thread to talk about the positive things that has come from the bank, and yes if you have won you can put it on this thread. Just so you know, I am reclaiming ideas that I started on another forum and bringing it over to here.

    Go for your life

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    Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

    Originally posted by Nattie View Post
    talk about the positive things that has come from the bank,
    Barclays give out free pens, which is handy because you have to fill in an effin slip to pay money into your account while mosts banks just swipe your card.


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      Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

      I had a call yesterday from Egg regarding 'suspect' transactions amounting to 500 on my account, I confirmed they weren't mine and they instantly cancelled them, the lady I spoke to was very helpful, very pleasant and hopefuly that will be the end of the matter, there may be some more cynical members who say wait for the accusations but I'll let you know.

      Well Done Egg!!!!


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        Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

        Natwest were very helpful when I stupidly walked away from a cash machine without taking my cash. Filled in a form the next day ant branch and they say I should have it back in my account in about a week.

        The staff on telephone banking are always helpful too. Not always giving me the answer i want to hear but very friendly and polite wth it.
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          Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

          Bank staff not to blame for our ills



          Also in Letters

          Letters Home

          Search Query: Independent.ie Web Search

          Thursday February 19 2009

          IN recent months frontline bank officials have experienced a new phenomenon at work -- an unprecedented level of vitriol and abuse, including threats of violence from customers and members of the public who blame the regular staff working in the branches for the excesses of a handful of high-flyers at the top of these institutions.
          Bank staff feel particularly aggrieved because the new culture in banking -- which has led to most of the current difficulties in the financial services sector -- is one that they have spoken out against on many occasions in the past through their representatives in the IBOA (Irish Bank Officials Association), the finance union.
          Five years ago the IBOA was warning that the introduction of new practices within the sector -- driven by the banks' obsession with maximising short-term shareholder value at the expense of long-term stability and prudence -- would not only inconvenience customers and pressurise staff, but ultimately would undermine the financial services sector.
          But at the height of the property boom, no one wanted to hear negative warnings from a bunch of party poopers.
          The IBOA pointed out that the notion of a bank as a place where you used to either deposit or withdraw money had been replaced by a far more complicated concept in which banks sold 'financial products' using high-pressure retail strategies.
          Under this new approach, bank staff have been required to meet a range of performance targets (even more inappropriate in these recessionary times) in order to supplement a very modest basic wage.
          The stress of working in such a culture has been further intensified by significant rationalisation programmes implemented in recent years as part of the drive by senior managers to push costs down and force profits up.
          For many bank officials, one of the few compensations for the major change in their working lives used to be the allocation of bank shares. These were generally held as tuition fees for teenage children or for a rainy day. But whatever they may have once represented, they are, of course, virtually worthless now.
          So in sharp contrast to the fat cats, the overwhelming majority of bank officials receive very modest rewards for their loyalty and hard work. Like many staff in the health service, bank officials take a great deal of pride in the role they perform, but are extremely frustrated by the circumstances in which they have to discharge it.
          Public opinion rarely blames nurses for the problems of the health service. In fact, they usually receive well-earned praise for continuing to work in spite of all the system's shortcomings. Unfortunately, many members of the public seem reluctant to give bank staff the same consideration. They are being scapegoated unjustly for the sins of others. It is high time reason prevailed.
          Larry Broderick
          General Secretary
          IBOA The Finance Union

          some interesting comments from the Republic of Ireland.


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            Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

            See above for the main reason my lad chucked his job in with the RBS. As he said to me, "I'm not working my nuts off selling ****e products to people that don't need them and can't afford them anyway."
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              Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

              Just thought i would share some good customer service. I received some from someone from LloydsTSB and went through their customer relations unit to say thank you.

              part for their response was this:

              "I was pleased to read your comments about the service you have received from ........ at our branch. I will be in touch with him so that his is aware of your appreciation. I will also send a copy of your email to his local director so that they are also aware.

              All too often people are quick to point out the Bank’s failures, but rarely take the trouble to bring to our attention situations where we have exceeded their expectations.

              Thank you once again for taking the time and trouble to write. "


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                Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

                This thread take me back a while(please ignore the spam post which will be removed shortly......I remember starting the thread way back when on another forum when bank staff were being made out to be monsters when in fact it was those higher up the chain that were making them become that way because of targets.
                "Family means that no one gets forgotten or left behind"
                (quote from David Ogden Stiers)


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                  Re: Demonsterfying Bank Staff

                  Well the halifax have excelled 2,780 SVR interest refund and all done without a single letter or phone call.
                  If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a couple of payments.



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