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Lloyds TSB wins again

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  • Lloyds TSB wins again

    BBC NEWS | Business | Lloyds wins second charges case

    I think we all need to learn lessons and that is, just because they are paying out does not mean that we cannot be prepared to go to court. You will note that he thought his claim was weak and did not bother to turn up in court.

  • #2
    Probably because we are constantly told the bank will not turn up and will pay out before the hearing.

    It amazes me that in both these cases, the bank has not turned up to defend, perhaps we should be picking our courts more carefully!!


    • #3
      on this one he didn't turn up either, so a slightly different one really.


      • #4
        I like the second part, where the Judiciary are starting to act tough against banks, who fail to bother to turn up in court

        It has come to light that a district judge at Rhyl county court in Denbighshire has written to Lloyds TSB telling it to submit, by 5 June, a list of all the cases it has taken to trial and all the ones it has settled.

        The order of Judge Thomas says that if it fails to do this, "the court... is considering striking out the defence as an abuse of process on the basis that the defendant has settled all previous claims of this nature."
        It's my opinion as a laymen, if in doubt , seek professional advice.


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          Originally posted by Niklowe View Post
          I like the second part, where the Judiciary are starting to act tough against banks, who fail to bother to turn up in court
          Yeah I like this one.

          I think the judge in Hull needs to retire or face the wrath of claimers


          • #6
            The judges in Reading and Newbury are also throwing defences out.




            • #7
              Originally posted by enaid View Post
              The judges in Reading and Newbury are also throwing defences out.
              Hiya Enaid,

              Your up early my dear,

              MMMmmm three against one good I think Maybe we should go and boycott Hull, rotten eggs an everything. Might see what the inside of a prison looks like and a few days off work. MMMmmm worth thinking about


              • #8
                Also another point of thought. How many other cases at Hull are discontinued because the banks have paid up. Especially lloyds


                • #9
                  Well I asked about the judge in the Lloyds case who threw out that case, how many more had he had in front of him and how many he had settled. Did not get an answer.
                  This has been going on for so long, how can a judge just decide of his own back to throw out cases. I think it's unfair if only for the fact that, these people have paid for the court service and should get it IMHO





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