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Update to Section 6 Interpleaders (Third Party Goods)

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  • Update to Section 6 Interpleaders (Third Party Goods)

    In Part Two of the 'What Are the Main Bailiff Changes?' series of stickies we talked about Section 6 issues where Enforcement Agents took control of third party goods. At that stage the only way to deal with this was through an interpleader requiring substantial monies to be paid by the third party.

    This has now changed.

    All that is now required under the 'preliminary stage' is for the debtor to WRITE (or better still to email ) the enforcement company a 'Third Party Claim' (or claim to exempt goods etc). This procedure is already commonplace for debts enforced by High Court Enforcement Officers. In most cases the response to 'release the levy' with be made within just a day or so.

    The link below gives full information on how to do this and what to include:

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