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Dealing With Bailiffs For The First Time

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  • Dealing With Bailiffs For The First Time

    Dealing With Bailiffs For The First Time

    If you have never had dealings with bailiffs before, it can be extremely frightening. This is a list of some dos and don’ts to help you. The main thing ALWAYS is to try to keep calm and not worry. We can nearly always help you.


    Keep your door shut and locked.
    Keep your downstairs windows shut.
    Move your car a few streets away.
    Ask to see the bailiff’s certificate – note his name and court of certification.
    Ask who the creditor is if you do not know already.

    DO NOT
    Let the bailiff into your house under any circumstances.
    Speak to the bailiff other than to ask questions mentioned.
    Sign any documents at all.
    Confirm any personal details.
    Admit any debt.
    Make any payments.

    If for any reason you feel threatened, scared or intimidated, call the police on 999.

    This may seem a very short list. EVERYTHING else can be dealt with later. Just concentrate on these few things, then post on the forums for further help.
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