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Help please!!!

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  • Help please!!!

    Hello today I was in the bath when some bloke was banging my door down! By the time I got out of the bath to answer the door he had gone. He pushed a letter through my letterbox for someone who previously lived in my house and i have been getting letter for the same person for the last few weeks almost everyday! Anyway i wanted to try and find out who was sending these letters as i believe it was a bailiff at my door so i typed the return address into google and it fetched me to a debt collection service called phillips. I need to contact them to tell them that the person no longer lives here!

    The address is:
    PO BOX 230,
    DL1 9GF

    Does anybody know if this is phillips debt collection?
    If yes does anyone have a telephone number so i can tell them to stop sending me letters and coming to my house!!!

    Thanks x
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    Re: Help please!!!

    0844 800 4588 is the number on their website
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