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    I genuinely forgot and got behind with paying a driving fine imposed by the court. I was required to pay 50 per month. Without receiving any letters I had a knock at the door when a bailiff turned up from Marston's. I didn't converse with him or anything, rather within a few days I paid the whole outstanding amount to the court directly online.

    I followed the advice on http://www.dealingwithbailiffs.co.uk...ourt-Fines.htm

    I sent the notice to the bailiff company that full payment had been made so therefore the enforcement powers have ceased.

    The bailiff came back for 75 + 235 = 310.00

    The bailiff clamped my car and would not release it without payment.

    The man who runs the website DealingWithBailiffs.co.uk insists that I have a legal case against Marston's. Can anyone shine any light onto this case?


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      Oh dear - how many times have I heard this sorry tale. Unfortunately by following the advice given has cost you, this has happened on many occasions.

      Can you get your money back? Sadly you may have to chalk this up to having learned the hard way.


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        *In my opinion* The fees were due but he had no power to clamp your car as the enforcement power had ended.


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          Can we keep personal issues off of threads please. Ta. ( posts edited )

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            Now that Bailiff matters have settled down somewhat since 2014 it is quite important to realise that paying the Creditor direct once your debt it has been passed on for Enforcement can be fraught with difficulty.

            Particularly with Magistrates Court Fines payments made direct (after Enforcement has begun) leave the Bailiffs Fees still outstanding and they will return for these fees which are legally payable. If contacted by an Enforcement Co about outstanding monies on a fine it is much more practical to try and reach agreement at the Compliance Stage where the Fees are fixed at 75. In the present day and age Court Fines are not forgotten about and old ones are being ressurrected for payment.

            There are websites that advocate you do not have to pay any fees if you pay direct. Ask them that should you fail will they be willing to fork out themselves for your losses or pay your legal fees should you decide to take action, suspect I know what the answer will be.



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