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New COMPOUND Interest Spreadsheet - Excel & Open office Versions

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  • New COMPOUND Interest Spreadsheet - Excel & Open office Versions

    Attached are simple, easy to use, COMPOUND interest spreadsheets in excel and open office versions

    These COMPOUND interest spreadsheets are suitable should you wish to claim compound interest on claims for return of Bank charges or Credit Card charges.

    Please note that claiming compound interest is much more complex than claiming statutory interest. So it is not advisable to do so unless you are prepared to invest the extra time and effort necessary to understand how to do this properly.

    If in doubt please ask, there are also numerous threads on Legal Beagles which discuss the various pros and cons !!

    Open Office Version is in a ZIP file - to open you will need WinZip or a similar programme such as
    PKWARE, Inc. - Free Unzip Software
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    Re: New COMPOUND Interest Spreadsheet - Excel & Open office Versions

    General Note :

    When first opening either version of the spreadsheet please change the
    Interest to be calculated up to ( date ) from 01/01/2008 to the actual date ( for example today ) that you wish to calculate interest up to.

    That should solve any problem you might otherwise experience when entering data into the spreadsheet.

    Please let me know if it doesn't !!!

    Regards Budgie



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