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Lowell Financial non compliance of CCA

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    Re: Lowell Financial non compliance of CCA

    Wow! Well spotted, Mike. I wouldn't have known that and obviously they are relying on that. So they are passing off a photocopy of someone elses later agreement T&C as mine. Would you know what date those T&Cs came into effect?


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      Re: Lowell Financial non compliance of CCA

      There is usually number etc in small print on the side of it, what they are doing is sending T&Cs issued after the initial ones which is required, but the main one is the ones at the time of taking agreement out

      ,(mid 2005 if I remember correctly.)

      One they sent me a few years ago suppose to be original, only original was a certain date I took out card with Cap one years before, but there again 12.00 late payment charges, so I let them stew in it!


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        Re: Lowell Financial non compliance of CCA

        I'm thinking that I should do the same, Mike. Wait until the next demand and then point out that the T&Cs on the agreement are illegible and the expanded T&Cs that they have supplied as a true copy of the rear of the agreement are provable as not from my agreement.

        Surely they are breaking regulations or law by doing that?



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