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Follow up letter if no initial response to CCA request

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  • Follow up letter if no initial response to CCA request


    Is there a template letter/thread that can advise what i need to send and do if i do not receive a respone to a CCA request?

    Sent one several weeks ago to Capquest who are chasing an old CC debt and they have yet to reply.

    Many thanks
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    Re: Follow up letter if no initial response to CCA request

    Hi, i have just read your post and thought i would also add that i sent off for CCA requests to Lowell Portfolio more than 5 weeks ago now, and as yet i have had no reply, not even an acknowledgement that they have received them.
    I will also add that i have no intention of reminding them, as i dont think that it's my responsibility to do that. I have kept all my receipts of proof of sending and their receiving of these documents (Royal Mail Recorded).
    I am not sure of the actual law regarding time limits for reply to such requests other than the 12days +2.


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      Re: Follow up letter if no initial response to CCA request

      They lose the right to enforce the debt after 12+2 days unless they produce the paperwork. Other than statute of limitations there's no other time limits for them to produce the documents, so if you have stopped paying its a matter of keeping fingers crossed for 6 years OR use their lack of compliance to negotiate a full and final settlement of the debt.

      It really depends why you sent the CCA request - if it was so you can check the terms and that the paperwork is compliant so you can make a decision on how to act with the debt then chase them. If the paperwork isn't compliant, prescribed terms wise, then you might decide not to repay the debt in the knowledge they could not enforce through the courts. That might lead to a lot of hassle and passing around different DCA's, reporting to credit reference agencies , and your having to defend court action further along or it might lead to them just forgetting about it. If they just haven't sent anything then it's a lot more of a finger crossing exercise as depending when the inception of the account was they could just pop up in a few months/years with a reconstructed copy of your agreement and try to enforce the debt through court etc. Absolutely depends on your circumstances what you do now.
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