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Allocation Questionnaire Guide-N150 (Fast Track)

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  • Allocation Questionnaire Guide-N150 (Fast Track)

    Here you will find an online PDF version of the N150 form with form filling facility. -
    Please note that once completed (dependant on your version of PDF reader) the Allocation Questionnaire CAN NOT USUALLY be saved and you are advised to print 3 copies , at least , once completed.


    A guide to completion is as follows however it must be adapted to suit your own circumstances.

    Completed by , or on behalf of

    The claimants name(s)

    In the

    name of your chosen Court

    Claim number and last date for filing with court office these are normally completed by the issuing court , but double check they are completed and the details are correct.

    Tick NO

    Tick Yes and use the following text.

    The claimant is a Litigant in Person, and claiming against a company that carries on business in this area, and thus the claim should be heard locally to the claimant.


    Part 1 - leave blank

    Part 2 - tick Yes

    Applications - tick no ( unless you have then tick yes)

    Witnesses - Your name

    Experts - tick No

    Track - tick small claims

    Estimate 1 hour

    tick Yes

    The draft order for directions should be attached with the Allocation Questionnaire and can be found in the Templates Library and kindly devised by Ashley

    Estimate your costs including postage and any hours put into your claim, and multiply by £9.25 ph.


    Any other information that you consider relevant to the judge to consider your arguements of the claim, referring as necessary to any documents you might have attached INCLUDING THE DRAFT ORDER FOR DIRECTIONS. You need not include details of caselaw etc as these will be supplied to the court in your COURT BUNDLE if needed upon a case management hearing.

    You should point out that the case is a simple matter and should not require more than 1 hour to hear.

    If the value of your claim is above £5000 you may wish to add reasons why the case is more suitable for Small Claims Track or ask for the defendant to supply basic disclosure of true costs to bring the case to a speedy conclusion. You may also want to ask that a Small Claims Costs Order be made should the judge decide that the case should be allocated to the Fast or Multi track.


    Many Judges are now in favour of this approach, so the request is likely to have been seen by your Judge before. State that it was devised by the Mercantile Courts for similar cases quoting relevant case numbers if you have them.
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