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Example of Strike Out claim letter informal following directions

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  • Example of Strike Out claim letter informal following directions

    Ok heres the template version of the strike out letter.

    Simple but gets to the point!

    Wherever I've put 'xxxxxx' info needs to be put in and pay special attention to the big bold area in the middle, if you need help with that part, that bit of my order can be found on the previous page of this thread.

    Please feel free to use it anyone who needs it, I'm proof that by just writing a letter it can get a case struck out.

    If anyone needs any help please let me know.

    Stay strong and keep fighting everyone x

    (Insert address here)

    Claim number: xxxxxx

    Claimant: xxxxxx
    Defendant: xxxxxx

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    further to the order dated xxxxxx made by District Judge xxxxxx which gave the following direction to the claimant ‘xxxxxx’:

    (Now paste in here exactly what the judge who set out the directions in your case said the claimant must send to you and the court by the cut off date it will be something about documents that prove the case: statements,deed of assignment,notice of assignment,credit agreement that have failed to be produced etc. Put it in as point 6 or whatever point it is in your order and copy what it says word for word so the court office can find it in your paperwork! From personal experience the court dosent keep the directions on the computers so it does help them. )

    The claimant has failed to comply with the above order and no documentation has been received by me by the deadline set of xxxxxx, as the claimant has failed to produce any documentation and therefore broken the terms imposed by the court I am requesting the case be struck out.

    Yours Faithfully,

    (Sign Name here)
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    Re: STRUCK OUT !!! MKDP LLP (HSBC) Northampton CBCC Claim

    Hi I could really do with some help to fill in n244 to have a claim made against me. This was by a dca cabot financial. After all of there delaying tactics (since nov 2014 they have not complied to the last court direction to file by the 7th may. I did write and ask for there claim to be struck out but I need to fill in this form and im at a bit of a loss. Please could someone give me some urgent help on this please.Thank you in advance


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      Re: STRUCK OUT !!! MKDP LLP (HSBC) Northampton CBCC Claim

      Hi came home tonight to find a order to pay a serious amount of money 1300 , aprox
      This is from a claim from Cabot for a credit card I have never owned.
      I am upset with this, I had court threat months ago , filled in on line I would be defending the claim, nothing more from the court, have letter from Cabot solicitors, saying no action will be taken until Cabot provide evidence of signed contract etc , nothing has come from that request, other than a photo copy of a credit agreement (unsigned), and now about 3 or 4 months later , an order to pay has come ! this can not be legal can it ?



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