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Help to get adjournment

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  • Help to get adjournment

    Hi I am being prosecuted for my son's non attendance (I am currently homeschooling him and taking his EHCP to tribunal)
    I am not entitled to legal aid representation due to not being at risk of imprisonment. I have received no advice regarding this matter. I plead not guilty and I am going to trial. I had 6 weeks over the new year period to try and get some advice or free representation, *I have been unsuccessful therefore I am clueless going in to trial and I feel this is unfair! I am appearing at Camberwell magistrates court, their phone lines ring out, I'm not allowed to contact the prosecution, so I have had no idea or any way of finding out how to adjourn this case until I've received at least some legal advice. I have until 1:30pm tomorrow. I understand I might not get a response in this time. If that's the case I will be going into the court room and asking for an adjournment. Somebody please help me. I want to adjourn this case on the grounds of not having enough time to get get legal advice. How do I do this? I have no solicitor and it is impossible to get through to the court.
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    Amethyst can you help?
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      Seems we're a bit late - so sorry for missing your post Lucy - how did you get on?

      Kati homeschools her children so might have some insights and know of support networks that can help xxx
      Common Sense .... if in doubt, use it !

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        Hi LucyB ... sorry I missed this too

        Did you manage to get the adjournment??
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        Any advice I provide is given without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

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