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ATOS and the DWP yet again

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  • ATOS and the DWP yet again

    Hi just another poor soul needing advice

    As many thousands have I am at odds with the DWP and ATOS

    I am virtually housebound and have had a 'home' assessment, I thought I would be clever and I secretly recorded the whole interview via a hidden camera.

    The assessment was completed but it appeared ATOS and the DWP have simply 'reversed reality' and everything I could not do they have simply stated I can.

    I thought I could get them for fraud but again I am finding Solicitors 'unwilling' to help, what more could I need ? and do I really have to do this on my own even with real evidence of fraud ?? I would like to pursue a charge of 'Persecution' rather than fraud but I have now had no benefits at all for nearly 10 weeks and it is only for the excellent friends that I have that I am not homeless.

    There must be someone who will take this on, surely its black and white fraud ?

    Any help gratefully appreciated

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    Re: ATOS and the DWP yet again

    And apologies for being rude and not sating hello first



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      Re: ATOS and the DWP yet again

      So I am guessing this is a claim for ESA?

      What stage are you at, have you had the decision and applied for MR?
      Next stage is tribunal

      I know it doesn't help you now but you do have to follow the process.

      With regard to the covert recording , the DWP will object to you using it as evidence in your appeal. have you told them about it?

      I know because at my Tribunal hearing for PIP they refused to allow a covert audio recording saying it breached the HCP's Human Rights. I am now at the stage of appealing to the UtT.

      Again I know it won't help you right now but there is legal aid to appeal to the UtT , Coventry law centre will do it for anywhere in England apparently
      [MENTION=49370]Kati[/MENTION] I have forgotten the names of the benefits forums
      Any advice or opinions I offer are based on my experience dealing with personal debt as well as other life events.
      I have no formal legal training
      Any advice is offered without liability
      If in doubt take professional legal advice or contact the CAB


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        Re: ATOS and the DWP yet again

        Originally posted by warwick65 View Post
        @Kati I have forgotten the names of the benefits forums
        Unemployment Movement closed down
        now there's WELFARE CENTRAL and the BENEFITS HELP FORUM (same people different format lol) xx
        Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of.

        It doesn't matter where your journey begins, so long as you begin it...

        recte agens confido


        Any advice I provide is given without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

        I can be emailed if you need my help loading pictures/documents to your thread. My email address is kati@legalbeaglesgroup.com
        But please include a link to your thread so I know who you are.

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          Re: ATOS and the DWP yet again

          Hi guys thanks for the quick replies

          I advised the DWP that the whole assessment was recorded via my home security camera ( not against the law in my own home apparently ), I thought this would rattle them into backing down but they just got worse.

          I was refused benefits on ( among other bizarre reasons ) A ' I wasn't dangerous to the public ( ??????? ), and B' I could use a mobile phone

          A' I told the assessor I avoided going out because I get aggressive in crowds, and B' I had no idea how to work my mobile phone when he asked me to find a phone number on it !!!!!!!

          I appealed to be told they fully backed the information given by the 'assessor' and that was that, I have been guilty of going a little off piste for a few weeks I have had a bit of a breakdown ( I decided against a painkiller induced visit to the DWP to prove they were wrong about how dangerous I am as I don't want to embarrass my daughter, no one wants to be the Benefits Butchers relation after all )

          So I had resigned myself to taking them to court on my own, but obviously being a mere mortal that's would be like a colour blind drunk trying to pilot a helicopter one handed whilst completing a Rubics Cube.

          I thought this would have been an open and shut thing but obviously video evidence isn't as conclusive as I thought, the best thing about this is that they sent the same assessor back to assess my partner ( she is on a back to work but not fit to be back to work, work plan ). If I was still as aggressive as the british army once described me he would have been in pieces on my lawn !!!!!

          Tribunal it is then, until a lottery win affords me the ability to form a military force and storm Westminster anyway, one day

          THIS IS ENGLAND eh


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            Re: ATOS and the DWP yet again

            The mandatory reconsideration will have to done first. The will almost certainly reject the claim as they have a target to reject 80 percent of reconsideractions.



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