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I'm told a "thorough investigation" has been made about me. Is that legal or right?

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  • I'm told a "thorough investigation" has been made about me. Is that legal or right?

    [This is not ther post. But I've tried to post this on "general legal issues". Why do I keep getting re-directed to "welcome forum"? Now it's bloomin' gone - I've wasted a whole evening].
    So, can anyone help on the paucity of informationI'm now providing, viz:

    I'm new to camping, and only been on this site a couple of months. It was suggested (manager) I have a 28 day stay plan, one day off - paying to keep caravan on site. Then go through the same procedure for the next 28 day cycle and so on. I believed a verbal agreement is as binding as a written one?
    When I went to pay for March, I was told to be off site at the end of March; since they have booked my pitch to someone else for April. There was no apology or alternative offer to accommodate me. No reasons given, et al. In short, tough. They said head office booked it. I rang customer services, they said the site does its own bookings. Stalemate, and I'm still in the dark.
    4 March summonsed to the site office and told to go immediately, as I had caused trouble ringing head office. I felt/consider I am owed some explanation.
    She then said, "we have 'thoroughly investigated' you". Not given rhyme or reason why. Or in what areas, how deeply ferreting, nothing.
    I have nop skeletons/'background'/anything to hide, etc. But is a camping site allowed to dissect you in this way? And without just cause. Any camping experts out there, please? Hopefully - so I'll give the barest of bones.
    I'm new to camping, and this proper site. I moved my caravan here December 2016 (to store); officially being sited 2nd January 2017. I was told I could be here 28 days, be off-site one day (2 x half-days) and pay to keep my caravan here for that day. I could then come back for another 28 day stay, and the 1 day off repeated. And as the site is open all year, this verbal contract would continue. [Isn't a verbal agreement as legally binding as a written one?].
    January was fine, February was fine, but when I came to pay for March (in advance) I was told i would have to leave the site at the end of March, as they had booked my pitch to someone else for April. No one had pre-informed or checked anything with me, whatsoever. The attitude was 'tough'. There was no offer of alternative pitch, storage, et al. I even offered to pay for May, to no avail. It was all cut and dried.
    I was told Head Office made the booking. I rang customer services, who informed me the site does the bookings. She confirmed I was on the 28 day "scheme"(?). Fast forward....
    4th March: I was summmonsed to the site office and told I had made trouble by ringing head office. [I merely wanted the truth and why]. The manageress said I must go immediately "...there and then". [Like where to, with a caravan in tow?].
    CRUX QUESTION: She then said 'we' have "thoroughly investigated" you. Yet did not enlarge on this one iota. I fail to know reasons, why, how deep, what spread of ferreting, and how damaging to my credibility, etc. I have nothing to hide, or be ashamed of, and I have no debts or 'background'. But I should not be treated like a criminal and/or the way I have; nor without just cause. I have been open and honest from inception - that's a fault?
    I am merely doing the same as others, eg, some have been on the 28 day scheme for many months; some have lodged for years, like me. I do have a rent book, and part of my rent goes towards Council Tax. And all my official papers, pension, etc. are logged at this address for many years.
    While I wsn't looking to be 'residential' here, I would have liked to stay longer than two months. Also, pertinently, not simply get thrown off site on a whim. Especially wholly unwarranted without any forewarning or consultation; at such short notice, and a time when the world and his wife usually come to the West Country - jamming up roads and accommodation.
    I'm completely, and kept, in limbo. I have a right to explanation, reasons (excuses) and answers. Just be fair.

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    Re: I'm told a "thorough investigation" has been made about me. Is that legal or rig

    Can I ask is the site fully licenced?
    Not understanding that you moved on there Dec 16 and yet you say your pension etc has been logged at that address for many years


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      Re: I'm told a "thorough investigation" has been made about me. Is that legal or rig

      Originally posted by enaid View Post
      Can I ask is the site fully licenced?
      Not understanding that you moved on there Dec 16 and yet you say your pension etc has been logged at that address for many years
      Thank you for responding. The site is a Caravan and Camping Club main site (Tavistock). I was told the site was not 'officially' open until 2nd January - an all year site. But said I could pay (to store) my caravan in readiness. I was not allowed on-site until 2nd January.
      Sorry if I've muddied the waters (trying to deal with an emotive issue, non-emotively under stress). But I record my lodge address as 'care of', because I do not hide the fact I am neither the owner/nor on the title deeds. I have received all my mail at my lodge address for some years, including official documents, pension, etc.
      I have never had any intention to make the CCC site a residential address, just to 'tide me over' shor t term - though not as short as it has turned out, by my being turfed off.
      I was offered that I could pay to stay 28 days, be off site for a day - a 5.95 fee payable therefore (to "keep your caravan on that pitch"); to then pay for the next 28 day period (and so on). I would be enabled doing this since they are open all year.
      No one ever approached me to re-ascertain if I was willing to continue the site's "28 day arrangement" (I repeat, for the foreseeable future ONLY) and/or was I intending to leave end of February (only my second month on site) - NO. But apparently during February CCC - mis-alleged as head office - had booked the site, I was still occupying, to someone else for April. Only told this as I gave my March fee (including 5.95 intended 'storage' for 29th day, albeit it won't be now. Kerching! My rightful 5.95 'stolen' for CCC coffers).
      I had suggested putting my van in storage (paying, albeit not my fault!) and May's fee to re-secure the pitch, TWO months in advance. A curt 'no'.d
      Contrarily, why if there was 'no room' for me on site, was I alternatively offered a seasonal pitch? Others on that scheme (21 days on/3 days off site - storage fee included?). Others on site, have been on that scheme for anything from 3 years to 8!
      Others have been on the 28 day arrangement for more than 6 months - a rough gestimate of my potential time to voluntarily move on. In short, God, its SO unfriendly here-cum-spurious assumations that my dogs are solely responsible for 'dumps' - My dogs don't do others' s***! Stop spreading untruths, talk to me!
      Although my March fee was paid until 29th, why on 4/3/17 was I immediately ordered to leave the site (H/O or site 'manager'?). What 'justification'? I was expecting Police enforcing this grossly malevolent attitudal 'decision'.
      Also, pertinently, what 'justification' and why (by H/O or site) was I being thoroughly (her emphasis) investigated! I believed I am the wronged party here. How deep, which parties, etc, etc. I am merely a general member of the public, to stay on a club site as an ordinary memebr of the public; neither felon or fraudster. Is that legal.
      Is any of it? Or merely the vitriol of a bitter personality disorder. Ie, in my first fortnight when I challenged a notice and barrier overtly raised right outside my awning, "I trust I'm not being scapegoat for others' dogs' dumps? Aggressive retort, "It didn't happen till you arrived" (Excuse me, I was picking others' s*** up, purely so my dogs were not blamed.
      It is said, "when others do us harm, our very preence makes them feel guilty; that they end up hating us". Sad but true.
      I've been heavily discriminated against.
      I was presured to take up membership - I paid 56.00 (including a fee as I haven't DD). Barely a few months 'benefit' (huh). I deserve a refund.
      And (I know, a paragraph should not start with 'and') - a contrite apology.
      All in all, especially as I have not found anywhere to re-site my caravan - we are literally 'on the roadside'. I can't even go to Caravan Club sites - CCC swallowed up my money on fatuous 'friendly' club membership. Membership which doesn't even buy one courtesy or conciliatory manners from CCC/employees.


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        Re: I'm told a "thorough investigation" has been made about me. Is that legal or rig

        Did you fill in this form http://www.campingandcaravanningclub...asonalpitches/ and did you read the T&Cs?


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