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    Re: Bw legal search

    Hi Diana M. Thanks
    Regarding the Payday Express Loan. I did know the loan was taken out in my name by my partner at the time. He was afraid they would decline him as he was unemployed so I agreed to get it for him. Unfortunately we split up about 2 weeks later and he moved out. He promised to pay the loan off and I have never heard anything from Payday Express to indicate he hadn't so I was non the wiser! How have they never got in touch before now? After roughly 3-4 years later! It beggars belief! Something just doesn't seem right with this. My ex no longer lives in the area so can't contact him for clarification


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      Re: Bw legal search

      Hi Nemesis45. Thanks
      I have never entered into any debt management plan but I may have made a few payments to another debt collection agency but it must have been a good few years ago as I can barely recall it. Would Lloyds not have a record of who they have received payments towards this account off :noidea::noidea::noidea:


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        Re: Bw legal search


        Payday Express is a trading name of Instant Cash Loans Limited
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          Re: Bw legal search

          Originally posted by BabyBoo2 View Post
          How have they never got in touch before now? After roughly 3-4 years later! It beggars belief
          Sometimes debt purchasers leave collection of a debt for years in anticipation of the debtor's financial situation improving.

          This could be why your CRA file was searched by B W Legal. They can then see how you're finances are panning out these days.

          I suppose the psychology is that if you had the money at the time you would have paid the debt. They wait to have a go later on - typically just before the debt should become SB.

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            Re: Bw legal search

            Ahh ok. Thank you for that Charitynjw. I have done some digging on my credit report and there is an account on for Instant Cash Loans which was taken out in March 3013 and closed in August 3013. The thing is though it is only for £107.00 not £265.58 BW Legal are asking for and its showing as payment made in August 2013 and the reference number doesn't even match the original creditors reference number on the letters I have just received. So confused now!!!


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              Re: Bw legal search

              Sorry that should be 2013 not 3013:tinysmile_grin_t:



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