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HELP!!! fixed penalty appeal

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  • HELP!!! fixed penalty appeal

    Hi i need some advice please,while out with hubby this afternoon, hubby had a cigarette while we where standing and chatting. hubby stubbed cigarette and put it in his pocket. Seconds later a street warden approached hubby and said i have just seen you throw you cigaette over the fence so i am issuing you with a fixed fine. Hubby replied no you havn't and showed him the stub in his pocket. the warden replied thats not the one, i have it on camera. Hubby said show me you are mistaken. He wouldnt and issued a 75.00 fixed penalty Need advice please on our next . thank you
    Gill x
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    Re: HELP!!! fixed penalty appeal

    Unless there are details of an appeal process on the ticket, there is nothing you can do other than pay or not pay.
    What you have essentially is an invitation to pay, to avoid the hassle of a court case, where the penalty (if found guilty), could be much higher.

    You could write to the local authority disputing the FPN and ask to see the "evidence", but I don't believe they need to provide it at this stage.


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      Re: HELP!!! fixed penalty appeal

      Thanks des8
      Yes it does say I have 7 days to appeal and 14 days to pay!
      Gill x



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