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    Hello to everyone,

    I'm new to this, so hopefully don't confuse by making errors.

    My question is: Does anyone have any information about, or has anyone had any dealings with, ATOS (Origin), who, conduct 'medical' 'examinations' for DWP.

    I have had problems with them on at least two occasions, but on each occasion have won through. However, on the last occasion they, DWP/ATOS, admitted they falsified medical report.

    The reason why I am asking for information about them (ATOS) is because in about 6 months or so I will no doubt again have to battle against them again. I have had many medical procedures (and still need more) since a very serious incident/accident at work during which I was a split second from being cut in two!

    I did some research on them (ATOS) about 18 months ago but because of domestic catastrophes (including still being flooded out of my house at present (for past 9 months)) I have found it difficult to keep a tag on all that I've done.

    Can anyone help with any info or links against ATOS?

    Sorry for the length of the post


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    Re: DWP/ATOS


    Firstly welcome to Legal Beagles, now as for ATOS you are not the only one they are there for one purpose only, to keep sickness benefits as low as possible at the detrement of the claimant.

    A good place to gain first hand expierence of this outfit is the benefits and work forums they are free to read but you have to subscribe with a fee to post however, you can gain a lot of info just by reading the threads.



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      Re: DWP/ATOS

      Google ATOS and DWP problems and you get pages of information come up!


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        Re: DWP/ATOS

        The ATOS "medical staff" are mostly retired doctors who are somewhat out of touch with current practice, or nurse practitioners or midwives who have had less medical experience than my left big toe!

        Their job is to get the statistics to match the silly prognostications of Lord David Fraud^W Freud, the former banker who became a self-declared "expert" on incapacity. Rather than pay any heed to the burblings of that blatherskite, the government should have based its policy on the twaddle in Old Moore's Almanack which, although no more certain to be accurate, has the certain advantage of being far less expensive.


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          Re: DWP/ATOS

          In addition to my original question about DWP/ATOS, does anyone know of any evidence of cases successfully taken against ATOS in this country or in any other countries where they operate.

          From the research I have done I have found that they operate in several countries with similar aims.

          I have also found information that shows the government some years ago heavily criticised, and possibly fined, ATOS for failures.

          Does anyone have any info on any of this, particularly if any cases have been won against them for malpractice or similar.
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          Thanks Jasper and clever clogs.

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            Re: DWP/ATOS

            Again Google "ATOS law suits" and you get loads of them. There was a case involving thousands of people in the US (had to be there didn't it!) and only 9 lost their cases. Didn't look long enough to see any in the UK, but it wouldn't surprise me if there are some. The first search result brings up the government bit you referred to.


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              Re: DWP/ATOS

              Well there is a bit of information that is not well publicised which may be of use to you. I had to fight the health service a few years ago because I was a patient at the infamous death house Stafford Hospital. I went through the whole of the NHS complaints procedure to the ombudsman, the Health Service Commisioner at the time. From this office I have it in writing after they failed to uphold my complaint, long since vindicated by public end private enquires, that:

              The only person responsible for a patient's health and who had a viable opinion on his/her health was that patient's General Practitioner. This is supported by government regulation, (Statutory Instrument).

              Their words NOT mine.

              I have subsequently received a personal apology from a Secretary of State for health in the previous government for the way I was treated in particular by the lies of the independent review panel ( all NHS appointees) and two 8 page letters from senior civil servants within that department as I have tried to get the current Care Quality Commissioner removed from post as she was a senior manager in the West Midland NHS Executive at the time with responsibility for putting together panels of liars to get patient complaints undermined. She has very recently been roasted by the public enquiry for her part in Stafford's disgrace.

              Hence any cowboy body like ATOS has NO opinion to offer at all. Any so called medical professional who does work for them should be immediately reported to the relevant body for professional misconduct. General Medical Council in Manchester for those claiming to be doctors and the Royal College of Nursing for those claiming to be nurses. Always but always complain to the professional bodies on every count.

              One of the panel in my case, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and smart alec amateur lawyer got his knuckles severely rapped over my case and his file was kept open for another three years in case of further complaint. Had the community health council not been disbanded at the time then I am sure we would have got him struck off.

              Before allowing anyone near you for examination you are entitled under the regulations to examine their licence to practise medicine in the UK. Failure to produce is very serious misconduct anyway.



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                Re: DWP/ATOS

                It is both refreshing and sad to know that I am not alone in being a victim of the corrupt practices of DWP/ATOS/Governments(of all hues - Lab, Lib, Con!)

                Thanks to Casper, CleverClogs, pompeyfaith and Garlok for your help.




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                  Re: DWP/ATOS


                  I have got loads of info on that crowd 'ATOS' so if you send me a private message with your email address, I will send you what I have.

                  P.S Hope your feeling better



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                    Re: DWP/ATOS

                    Oh, by the way everyone,

                    This site has got some further information, from requests made under The Freedom of Information Act





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