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Tablet sent for repair and repairer will not communicate

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  • Tablet sent for repair and repairer will not communicate

    Basically I purchased an Android tablet as a Christmas gift for my grandson in October 2015 from a trader on Amazon.
    Became apparent after sometime that the tablet had problems with Malware embedded in the operating system. It was returned to the supplier who reflashed the firmware (operating system), and returned it. All seemed fine for a while but the same problems returned. Item went out of warranty, really should have demanded a refund through Amazon but didn't.
    The brand of tablet is Polatab, advertised as being all British design and support. Research has shown me that lots these tablets sold through Amazon were preinstalled with Malware from the makers in China.
    I attepted to rid the tablet of the tainted software as I'm quite good with computers in this respect however discovered that the malware is totally unremovable.
    Again through research I discovered that Polatab have one authorised repairer called Techno Tool Repair based in Kirkcaldy Scotland. I contacted them by email and had a quick response from the manager/director Mr Ian Graham. He agreed to undertake a repair (reflash with untainted firmware) for a cost of 10 and 5 to cover return postage.
    We had an exchange of perhaps half a dozen emails about the subject over a period of days all answered quickly and in an apparently knowledgable and professional way.
    I posted the tablet to Techno Tool Repair at the beginning of October 2017 and at Mr Grahams request paid the 15 via palpal through the friends and family option. I know the tablet arrived and was signed for by Ian Graham on 6th October via Royal Mail tracking. I left it a week and checked back with Ian Graham and he stated his technician was having problems reflashing the device but perserver more.
    Eventually Ian Graham replied by email saying they couldn't reflash the tablet due some problem with the flash chip. He asked did I want it sent to China but that would involve further costs. I declined this and asked that he let know what state the tablet was currently in after their efforts and to return the tablet to me. This was on the 24th October 2017.
    I tried to get a phone number from Mr Graham but he declined that he didn't offer telephone support and onlyl traded via the internet. I have tried emailing repeatedly but the man has failed to respond at all. Yesterday I emailed again this making it clear I was prepared to take action against him to recover the property, the 15 and other costs I incur. So far I haven't had a reply.
    Right now having outlined the above. What rights do I have regarding the tablet and the money sent via paypal? Can I issue a small claims claim
    against him here, I live in Coventry West MIdlands or do I have to go through the Scottish Courts system?
    Any knowledgable advise would be appreciated.
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