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caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

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  • caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

    I was caught stealing from primark today. I know it was very stupid but i just needed some more leggings because all of mine have holes in and i don't have the money to pay (and probably a bad thought process but thought if i did have extra money it'd be spent leggings that would tear somewhere in a week or 2)
    I walked out but as i left the shop i was ushered back in by a security guard with my friend, who straight away i said had nothing to do with it so she didn't have to write her details. they threatened me with the police but i asked for the other option, which was me going to be fined. I had to prove my identity and address and write it down with my DOB. I was told i would be banned from primark for 6 months but then they also said i would receive a fine. I was searching online and it said 174 but i didn't even have the money spare to buy clothes in the first place.
    i know it was stupid but i was desparate for new clothes as i've spent my money on my food and i buy most my clothes and my sisters from charity shops. Please help!
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    Re: caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

    Hi nat_123, welcome to LB.

    This thread from a few days ago about says it all.

    This is only my opinion - "
    Opinions are made to be changed --or how is truth to be got at?" (Byron)

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      Re: caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

      Hi and welcome.

      I'm sure you'll see from all the other threads on LB (just search Retail Loss Prevention) that all you need to do is ignore any begging letters.

      I note you are only 17.
      If you are still living at home I would advise that you let your parents know what has happened.
      It is possible that RLP will (if they get no response from you) write to your parents under the guise that you are possibly a vulnerable child!
      It is of course, just a ploy to put pressure on your parents.
      Better they hear from you rather than RLP!


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        Re: caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

        Hi, thank you

        yes i'm 17 and i'm really scared about it all. Ive also applied for my ESTA for the US and when doing so i obviously clicked no arrests (it was a couple of days ago) would this class as an arrest? Even though the police were not involved?


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          Re: caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

          also, the security guards hadn't caught me in person they had seen me on CCTV. could this be used against me?


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            Re: caught shoplifting 2 items from primark - age 17

            No police.... no record..... no arrest.

            " could this be used against me?" only if it was a bad hair day!



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