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Cambridge Carol

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  • Cambridge Carol

    Hi, I'm a beginner so bear with me...Having major headache with my local council. Bought a leasehold flat 4 years ago & though council issued a building certificate they've recently admitted that my cretin freeholder has broken every building reg in the book. An offer to serve an injunction has now been retracted & they claim that they'll negotiate with the freeholder to make good. Though they've accepted no liability they've offered to contribute through public purse. Compensation was mentioned though they've taken a uturn. I'm expected to move out of my home, for 6 weeks, without any assurance a court order would guarantee. I'm considering an LGO complaint but suspect it's probably a waste of time...any ideas people?
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    Re: Cambridge Carol

    tagging [MENTION=15129]Crazy council[/MENTION] xx
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      Re: Cambridge Carol


      It seems like your saying that you bought a flat ( part of house/block/premesis ), and there is problems with the CERTS that the owner/developer bas issued by the council. That the council took action but have backed off to allow the developer to remidy the issuse

      This is not as uncommon as you may think.

      You should be compensated well for moving out if thats needed, whilst its done, any further compo would depend on the works jnheeded doing, any long term affect on the property and if you would have know this item at time of purchase, would it havestoped your purchase. Sometimes the deads deal with these matters, especialy in more modern developments.

      Depends what the works are really
      crazy council ( as in local council,NELC ) as a member of the public, i don't get mad, i get even



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