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  • NHS

    Today aside from all the problems being aired, they are saying most people would agree to tax going up to help the NHS.
    I think that's true, but has all been done before and it does not stop the government dipping in the pot to go towards other stuff.
    I would much prefer to see the contribution part of wages/salaries and self employed etc going into a separate account and untouched by the HMRC. After all if a dca or anyone can get an attachment on your earnings it must be possible for an organisation to collect a percentage of your wage etc.
    When an agreed percentage is made then this amount should also be deducted from benefits, this to make all things fair as imho if nowt is going in the pot how can it come out.
    A proper department should be set up just to deal with NHS finances none of this hoodwinking should be allowed, we all know we never ever get true figures or proof of anything. The government should be nothing to do with it, only professionals and certainly the DWP shouldn't get their grubby mitts on any of it.
    The abhorrent Ms May had the nerve to say there was basically no problem with the NHS in some areas, well no there wont be in her back yard.
    She wont even listen to those in the thick of it, I wonder which other witch she gets that from.
    So folks whats your opinion and how do you think it can be solved ?, because there is a massive problem even if it is not admitted by them in charge.

    ps i also know there are big failings and money wasting by the NHS itself, this should also be addressed and properly.

    First thing i would do is bring back the matron lol
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    Re: NHS

    IMO the NHS needs proper management and financial control with the money it gets now not mote money


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      Re: NHS

      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1173182I, (from experience) and some of my friends who actually work for the NHS all agree the NHS is mismanaged. I know some people are overburdened and over worked but too many are also rude, lazy and incompetent. The hospitals are dirty, the food disgusting and laced with salt. There are too many bureaucrats and administrators. I mean come on…. for roughly every 4 men women and children in this country there is one person employed by the NHS and yet they claim to be understaffed! What the f are they doing! The NHS needs a good kick up the ****. The waste –yes waste of time and resources needs to be addressed along with attitudes and contracting out things like cleaning and catering.
      They cannot be challenged because they become aggressive and hide behind the ‘burdened’ hard done by image they have cultivated over the last 20 years.
      I have seen a man coming round after an operation being shouted at because he threw up. That is arrogance and rudeness. I have seen a daughter being called in at 3 am to sit by her mum because she was making a lot of noise while 3, yes 3 nurses ate strawberries and read magazines. I have seen a cleaner wipe just the middle of a floor three times with a filthy bucket of water then spent 10 minutes breast feeding the mop handle while she chatted to other staff. I have seen a man being told he would be removed by security because he asked, politely, why his very ill father had not been see by anyone after waiting 5 hours. He had to interrupt a very heated discussion about EastEnders. I have also interviewed people for various projects and these are almost fond memories compared to the treatment some have had to endure.
      No matter how underfunded you are does that give you an excuse to be lazy, dirty and rude?
      There are a few, and I am sorry to say very few who have compassion and a decent work ethic but because of shocking management they are either left to cope with everything or encouraged to join the slackers and not ‘rock the boat’. Oh and trust me when there is a complaint they clam up together quicker than my MIL’s purse when someone says ‘donation’.
      I would also like to know why the government tax people on private health insurance supplied as a salary package. When people are offered private health care as part of a package they usually prefer the extra one or two thousand ponds in their salary because they are taxed on the value of the policy as if it was cash in going into their bank. Why pay tax on money you never see for a benefit you may not need (or hope you will not need) If they stopped taxing this benefit more employees would snap it up and take a big burden off the NHS.
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      An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
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        Re: NHS

        iI totally agree Paws x

        There are a few, and I am sorry to say very few who have compassion
        The reason for that imho is the criteria, like many other professions, too many qualifications are required of the brain, instead of the heart.
        After all the word nurse means - a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital.
        There must be thousands of people out there who would love to be a nurse and would do it brilliantly, but sadly didn't make the grade with exams


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          Re: NHS

          Social Care should also be part of the NHS when it is run properly, leaving such an important matter to LAs is a disgrace.
          This article is also BS http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2016/...funding-plans/
          The LAs are not fair or competent enough to do the job properly, our LA would rather look after a rugby club than it's elderly and disabled citizans


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            Re: NHS

            Well said!
            Old people in hospital get a very rough time of it on the whole. I do admit I have spoken to people who expect the NHS to totally take over the care of elderly relatives. Now many do need care, constant and professional care, but so many are simply ‘dumped’. How many stories have we read where elderly or vulnerable people in need are abused and neglected in care homes and hospitals? So where are the relatives and friends? Does no one come to visit and make a complaint? Having said that one woman –a nurse actually- could see her father was neglected in his care home but admitted she was afraid to complain It had been hard to get him a place in any home and she said……”If I make a complaint I know from experience the staff will take it out on him”.
            Pretty chilling stuff.
            As for all this b*****ks about mental health! Teaching people to respect and understand Mental illness! Ha! The problem is not that the general public do not respect the chap they see shouting to himself as he lies in a doorway –the problem is he is left to shout in a doorway. It is the politicians, care staff and Psychiatric health professionals who need ‘EDUCATING’. Many support networks and care institutions were shut down and the patients who depended on them were simply turned out to literally sleep on the streets.
            Psychiatric care in the public sector is an absolute joke. I do not like the ‘old way’ of using terms like ‘nutter’ or saying ‘pull yourself together’ but let’s face it, getting all politically correct is not going to change anything!

            An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
            ~ Anonymous


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              Re: NHS

              Jeremy Hunt has pocketed an estimated 14.4m from the sale of a business he says he is "incredibly proud of", amid criticism of his handling of the NHS winter crisis.
              Confirmation of the sale of Hotcourses came hours after Sky News revealed the looming windfall for the Health Secretary as he fights an increasingly intense political battle over latest NHS winter crisis.
              The cash payout reportedly makes Mr Hunt, who has presided over a spat with junior doctors over changes to pay, the richest member of the Cabinet.
              The education course listings service, which employs almost 300 staff, was sold to Australian firm IDP Education for 30.1m.
              Mr Hunt is understood to have owned 48% of the shares in Hotcourses but has had no influence on the running of the 20-year old business since becoming an MP in 2005.

              He said today: "I am incredibly proud to have set up a successful business, even prouder of the current Hotcourses team who have taken it from strength to strength, and intend to use a significant proportion of the proceeds to campaign for causes I believe in when I eventually leave frontline politics."
              News of the windfall is politically awkward for Mr Hunt on a number of levels - not just amid the row over NHS funding.
              He is among Cabinet ministers facing questions about private wealth as Prime Minister Theresa May signals a willingness to crack down on excessive corporate pay.
              She herself has been urged to disclose the contents of a blind trust held in her name, which was created when she took office in Downing Street last summer.


              Doubt he did courses for Drs and nurses, in fact I bet he still plays that game lol
              and what a slappable face he has too



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