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Everyone should watch this video on the NHS

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  • Everyone should watch this video on the NHS



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    Re: Everyone should watch this video on the NHS

    Heartbreaking stuff.
    The two main points that keep coming up are Funding and staff levels - so much money is wasted in the NHS because of mismanagement. Many services contracted out could be handled in house for less. One Surgeon left to work exclusively in the private sector because he was refused a move up the pay grading giving him a small increase. Now he regularly preforms elective operations on NHS patients sent to the private hospital to reduce waiting lists. Each operation costs the NHS almost as much as the annual increase he wanted. I could go on about wastage and losses due to poor management but the greatest waste is HR.
    Four ‘time and motion’ tos***s recently stood in the waiting room of a local eye hospital. The staff preforming each procedure consisted of one nurse,one anaesthetist and one eye surgeon. It took four administrators,who simply sat in the waiting room breast feeding clipboards, to count how many operations the three clinical staff could get through.They would not accept that some operations took longer than others due to issues such as the general health of the patient or other minor complications and would not, under any circumstances, observe what actually happened in the theatre.
    So four administrators employed to judge three clinical staff and I can assure you that the administrators are very well paid indeed.
    Top heavy and badly managed. Throw more money into it and it will simply disappear.

    An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
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