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George Osborne accused of breaching rules with Evening Standard job

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  • George Osborne accused of breaching rules with Evening Standard job

    The Cabinet Office is facing calls to investigate George Osborne’s decision to take a job as editor of the Evening Standard without having been approved by the watchdog on former ministerial appointments.
    Andrew Gwynne, a shadow Cabinet Office minister, said he wanted to raise concerns about about a potential breach of the ministerial code, as the advisory committee on business appointments had not yet given its judgment on the new role.

    George Osborne is laughing at us as he takes his Evening Standard job

    Aditya Chakrabortty

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    Osborne is facing calls to resign as a Conservative MP following the shock announcement that he would combine his roles in parliament with the editorship, an advisory job at BlackRock investment firm earning £650,000 a year, lucrative speaking engagements and chairmanship of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership.

    It also emerged on Saturday that Osborne only decided to apply to be editor of the Evening Standard after friends contacted him to ask for advice on whether they ought to apply for the role.


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    Re: George Osborne accused of breaching rules with Evening Standard job

    When we the people listen to a politician campaign we interview them, when we vote, we employ them and when we pay any form of tax we pay their salaries. We pay their full-time salary for doing a full-time job and in any other industry or organisation the employer would take a very dim view of an employee giving any time be it physical or mental to another job. Now we are not talking serving chips a couple of nights a week after an 8-hour day on a production line. An MP’s responsibilities are immense and if they cock up because they do not give their…let’s call it ‘day job’ their full attention there could be some major consequences.
    Let’s face it, his jobs at the Standard and BlackRock are not much more than Name Plating but at the same time it will require him to use the grey matter from time to time and I for one want my MPs fresh and focused. After all, I wouldn’t want my Surgeon to be distracted thinking about his other commitments!
    He must choose whether he want to work for us or The Standard and BR because I, as his primary employer, think it is not on…. oh, and don’t even get me started on the whole conflict of interest thing!

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