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Carl Wright's Assets Seized - Ref Cartel Client Review

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    Re: Carl Wright's Assets Seized - Ref Cartel Client Review

    I was talking to an acquaintance of the infamous Carl Wright the other day. I'm told that since he was made bankrupt he's acting like the investigation's all over and he can now spend as much of the stolen cash as he likes. He's started bringing the money from offshore accounts into the country through other people and he's spending it like he's a rich man. He's paying the rent on his big house, Capesthorne in Victoria Road, Bolton. He's always out wineing and dining in our city centre. And private school fees appear to be not a problem for him. He's celebrating the investigation being over and is now splashing the cash because he believes nobody is looking at him anymore and he's a free man.


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      Re: Carl Wright's Assets Seized - Ref Cartel Client Review

      Sounds just like Carl Wright. If he's caught doing that he will go to prison. Have you any documentation, photos, etc?


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        Re: Carl Wright's Assets Seized - Ref Cartel Client Review

        Im one of the thousands of people that Carl Wright stole money off so he could go on pretending he was some sort of big business man instead of a conman. Long ago I gave up any hope of ever getting any of it back but I got some satisfaction from knowing he was bankrupt and was getting some payback. However my cousin tells me that this conman now attends the same David Lloyd gym as him which I know arent cheap and drives home from it in a big mercedes. And from what ive read he also seems to live in a nice big house. He doesnt seem to be getting any payback whatsoever. Do the authorities know hes spending all this money? Is there anything anyone can do to alert them to this? I thought as a bankrupt that he was meant to be paying any extra cash back to pay off the money he stole.



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