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County court judgments increase 20%

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  • County court judgments increase 20%

    The number of county court judgments (CCJs) against consumers in England and Wales has increased more than 20 per cent to over 209,000.The increase, in the first quarter of 2015 compared to a year ago, emerged in figures from the Registry Trust a non-profit organisation that collects CCJ and high court data.There has not... Read more »
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    Re: County court judgments increase 20%

    Malcolm Hurlston, who chairs the Registry Trust, pointed out that a higher proportion of consumer debt was now in the hands of debt buyers rather than the originating lenders.
    Is this because more and more debts are deemed unenforceable so the original lenders are dumping all the ‘toxic’ ones on DCA’s? This way the bank gets something for the debt if only pennies.

    He said the increase in numbers resulted largely from a different business model and not from a general deterioration in the experience of consumers. For this reason, he explained, there was no inconsistency between the fall of personal insolvencies in the first quarter and the rise of CCJs.
    Perhaps this is due to the fact that when a debt is technically unenforceable a DCA can sneak a CCJ through a court without the alleged debtor even knowing about it.

    While many people are struggling with unmanageable debt, the average value of a CCJ in the three months to March (2,171) fell for the sixth consecutive year.
    Probably because they can no longer whack on extortionate charges!

    The number of county court judgments (CCJs) against consumers in England and Wales has increased more than 20 per cent to over 209,000.
    Now could this be due to the fact that when this new legislation comes in they will no longer be able to haul someone through court when all they can produce is a name, address and amount owed so they are pushing the dodgy ones through as quickly as they can.

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      Re: County court judgments increase 20%

      Waiting on the figures being published fully to see if the default judgment figures are on there. Last year I believe it was 84%.

      Have lost track a bit what's happening with the debt pre action protocols.
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