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Pre-Budget report.

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  • Pre-Budget report.

    What will it mean to us?

    So as we all know the country has gone to the dogs, the government have screwed up and the global recession has hit. After watching and reading the mini-budget and trying to work out the logistics of what it will mean to me being in the poorest section of society. I can't see where all of the Billions/trillions that the government are borrowing is going to end up? I know for one that in no way will myself or any member of my family benifit. Our council tax bill will still be exceptionally high, our tax bill wont change enough to make any difference, the derisory gesture of 2.5p reduction of VAT is a mere gesture of no significance and a cut I doubt many retailers will actually pass on. So where is all this money going? I know we will all be paying it back in the near future, so why can't we benifit from it now.
    Can anybody please enlighten me and tell me whos pockets are the government lining this time and when will it be my turn?

    Yours sincerely,
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    Borrow money from a pessimist -- they don't expect it back.


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