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Not recieved items left to me in a will

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    Re: Not recieved items left to me in a will

    Hi and thanks for the reply . I will try another letter wtating dayes of last letter and any intentions if no reply after then . Would it be legal to also mention that costs will be reclained ? If so would this be done bia the same court or a small claims court ?

    I know she still has the medals in her posession . My uncle told me that he was there a couple of month ago and mentioned them . It was then he said to me that when i do get them make sure they are the right ones to which ive since joined another forum regarding ww2 medals and info and after a small fee have found all i need regarding all the info on the medals to distinguish them from others .

    Thanks again

    Any idvice is apreciated



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      Re: Not recieved items left to me in a will

      Hi Dave G,
      He costs would be dealt with as part of the case, usually costs follow the loser so to speak, so if you were successful then an order would be made to return the medals and for your mother to pay the costs in the case. However it is at the Courts discretion.
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