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Removing a Caveat

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  • Removing a Caveat

    Could anyone advice whether it is EVER possible to remove a Caveat which has been placed against a Will? The situation is my father's ex-wife has put a Caveat in place, although we are certain she has no real claim, based on provision he already made for her in his lifetime (almost equal to the remaining value of the estate, which he has shared between his children). She has stated a desire to make sure we receive nothing, and she has no intention to go to Court. We are now stuck in limbo, with the threat of the Caveat being renewed year after year. I cannot believe that the legal system allows for this sort of malicious action, but from everything I am told (yes, I have a solicitor, and have already paid a few thousand pounds to try and resolve this) there is nothing we can do.
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      Hi Concerned_1,

      So upsetting when this sort of thing happens at the worst times generally.

      Have you placed a warning yet? Who are the executors? You mention his ex-wife, were they divorced? Was his ex-wife receiving any maintenance following their divorce? Was a financial settlement agreed and approved by the Court at divorce?

      You mention you have already sought legal advice, what suggestions did they have? From the sounds of it very little, but I wonder why they have been unable to offer some advice particularly if it has already cost thousands.

      More questions I'm afraid, hopefully we can point you in the right direction.
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