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Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

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  • Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

    Hi all ,first post looking for help and advise in this matter
    Mum passed away november gone ,
    And dwp heve been in touch since ,
    Looking into overpayment of pension credit .
    Mum was 87 when she passed .
    As far as we can work out she was assesed by dwp in 2003 .
    When she was 74.
    Up intill now we have spoken to and submitted all that as been asked .
    After requesting statments and bank books it came to our attention that in 2003
    She had a ballence of 3000 pound in one account but 7000 in another .
    We have not submitted these as of yet.
    As the cut off point in 2003 was 6000 How do we stand
    Ive been reading lotss of forums replys and understand it was 1 in every 500 over the threshold .
    But as she was never reassesed and died 13 years later with a Cash ballence of 90 k
    How could we work out the over payment
    Should we disclose all
    Or let them assess with the infomation they already have .
    Thanks for your valuable time ....................Paul
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    Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

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      Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

      Hi and apologies for not noting your post earlier.

      Presumably you have received the request for details of specific bank accounts.
      At the end there used to be a request for details "of any other assets"
      Whether or not you volunteer the info is for you to decide.
      If you don't, and the DWP later discover the existence of this account (and I don't know how they could) they will reassess any repayments due and then pursue the beneficiaries and the executor.


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        Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

        Thanks des,
        If we forward all the info we have ,
        That would put my mum over the 2003 threshold by 4000.
        We are aware we may owe DWP some funds back ,
        But how do they calculate, how much and for wot period of time .
        We were told over the phone that it was unlikely my mum would have been reasessed after 2003 ,
        So its a bit of a gamble to disclose , or let them calculate on the infomation they already have .
        Thanks for your time and help so far...........Paul


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          Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

          When they come up with a figure, which they undoubtedly will, ask them to justify their calculations.


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            Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

            Yes will do , Thinking of asking them to disclose to us .
            Just what it is there looking for ,
            Also dates and amounts befor we submit are Latest findings .
            Thanks again will keep all informed as to how it goes ............Paul


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              Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

              After contacting Banks and building societys as instucted by D.W.P
              Who told us to get details of balances on all accounts from 2003 . Or if balances could not be found .
              Letters from said banks confirming records never went back this far
              We have now received confirmation from all.
              ( Thank you for getting in touch regarding the late ****************
              Due to banks Policy on the retention of cutomer infomation we are unable to provide
              statements/transactions infomation more than 10 years old, or copy of cheques more than 6 years old
              I appoligise for any inconvevenience caused .
              .If no records can be produced after trying
              Will the DWP still go ahead with there enquirys
              Thanks for the help so far


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                Re: Dwp claim against estate (again sorry )

                If the banks cannot provide information requested, the DWP might come back and ask for the earliest account details that the bank holds.
                I doubt they will give up, and eventually will request a refund.
                If they do, don't just accept their figure.. they need to justify it and the executor needs to check their calculations



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