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    Hi Guys,

    I know there has been a lot of chatter on these forums about Motor Mile and lots of questions already answered (Thanks to all the contributors!) but my situation doesn't appear to have been raised before.

    I have recently switched home phone supplier to SKY after being with BT for donkies years and all of a sudden I'm getting none stop calls from 'Mike' at Motormile finance about arranging a doorstep visit unless I call them on a Leeds number quoting the automated reference number provided.

    Now, I'm no angel. In the past I have defaulted on a few things and maybe 10-15 years ago I would have completely understood calls like this but now, I just don't understand.

    My credit worthiness thru equifax and experian is now average to good and certainly has no outstanding defaults on anymore, I don't have any CCJ's. I pay on time for everything by direct debit and the only outstanding debts I have now are through a couple of Lowell accounts that I have direct dealings with and arrangements in place that are up to date.

    So what is it that Motormile are threatening me with? I've had no letters or texts as other people have suggested and my employer hasn't received any calls from them. I'm loathed to ring the number back in fear of becoming embroiled in the scam.

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    Re: Motormile Finance...

    Oh I forgot to add...

    I've reported them directly to the OFT for harassment but nothing appears to have changed, I received a reply from the OFT saying that they are looking into the companies affairs.


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      Re: Motormile Finance...

      Can you block the number used by "Mike" at MotorMouth?



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