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T-Mobile Overcharging

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  • T-Mobile Overcharging

    On my online bank statement, I recently spotted a T-Mobile bill for 64 odd pounds. This is unusual since I have been with them for over ten years (back when they were called Mercury One to One and known as "One to None") and have built up sufficient discounts on their various and constantly changing tariffs to have a service at less than 30 per month.

    I queried this bill and was told that I had gone over my allowance by around 100 minutes and was consequently charged 30p a minute. They offer a plan for 30 per month, which offers 10,000 minutes. Thus, they charged me for 100 minutes, the same sum they offer 10,000 minutes for, which I found unacceptable.

    Being out of contract, I had a bargaining chip, which I used to obtain an iPhone 4 and new contract, recommended to me by them, based on my usage over the past six months or so. This included unlimited calls to UK landlines and other allowances for calls to mobiles, text messaging and internet.

    Imagine my surprise therefore, when I spot that my most recent bill was over 205. This is paid by DD and since I rarely bother opening what they send me, I had no idea, but trusted them to have offered me the correct advice.

    I have now had enough. Having taken their recommendation in good faith, I end up being charged over seven times more than I used to pay for a telephone service.

    Watch this space.
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    Re: T-Mobile Overcharging

    Go online and have a look how they manage to come to this ridiculous figure. Let us know!


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      Re: T-Mobile Overcharging

      I refuse to join "My T-Mobile" because I pay them to generate and send me bills and I fail to see why I should seek out my own bills.

      I was told that it was something to do with 8 days of pro-rata billing due to the change in contract, although to be perfectly honest, I could barely understand the inflected, heavily accented "English" I was subjected to.

      I would like to point out that I am not intolerant, prejudiced or racist. I speak several languages, have travelled extensively and have lived and worked for many years in a number of different countries. For this reason I feel very strongly that anyone who works in a call centre should speak the native language of their primary customer base clearly and intelligibly, in the same way as I think that only people who can dance should be hired as members of a professional dance troupe. I do not believe people who cannot speak the language clearly should be hired as telephone based customer support agents.

      They are going to call me again tomorrow, although twice I informed the agent that I would not be able to speak with them in the morning, since I will be in an area with no T-Mobile coverage, yet still she insisted that she would have her manager call me in the morning.

      There is no hint of any German efficiency at T-Mobile and now they have joined with the French, who knows what we can expect.


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        Re: T-Mobile Overcharging

        Forgive the light hearted thread - just noticed the pun in the title "T Mobile Overcharging!"



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