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How to read a water meter.

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  • How to read a water meter.

    Another frequently asked question for a call centre agent.

    If you are unsure if you have a meter than call your provider. They can tell you definitively yes or no and where it is.

    Blunt knife/flat headed screwdriver/paint pot opening tool.
    Rubber gloves (if outside, they can get mucky and gungy).
    Disposable plastic cup/old manky cup you never use/kids beach toy you don't mind chucking out

    Using the utensil of choice prise the lid off your meter pit like you are opening a paint pot. there will be a white meter inside it. you will see a series of dials like a gas meter, the agent will only need the black numbers. You may see a little arrow darting about, don't worry about that it's a pressure gauge it's meant to do that!

    If you are ever asked to do a leak test, you will need to turn your water off at the Internal Stop Valve, wait about 20 mins and check to see if the dials are moving, again if you see the little arrow moving, don't panic it's meant to do that.


    There's water in the pit, do I have a leak?
    In all honesty, probably not, in 99.99999999999% of cases this is simply rainwater which has gathered in the pit and will not affect your meter. Hence my suggesting a plastic cup.

    I can't get to my meter, can someone do it for me?
    Yes, just say you can't access it and an engineer can come out for you

    Some idiot has paved/built/put a driveway over my meter. Help!
    Contact your supplier, sometimes they will fit a new one, this is at your provider's discretion

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    Re: How to read a water meter.

    Ours is buried at the front of the house, being a unadopted road it soon gets covered up again, even the meter reader has to find it with a metal detector!
    Had new neighbours recently, turns out the meters are also next-door to each other!
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