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Utility Companies: Setting up a water account.

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  • Utility Companies: Setting up a water account.

    One of the most common jobs for someone working for a utility company is moving someone in to a new property.

    Here is a quick "how to and what to expect".

    There will be seperate posts for water companies and gas/electricity suppliers.

    I do not recommend anyone in particular but do recommend checking out the reviews before signing up, also don't rule out anyone not in the "big six".

    Starting up a water account.

    Before you call:

    Check your tenancy agreement. This may say you are not liable for charges.

    If you have a service charge, check this. This might also say you are not liable for charges.

    Take a meter reading if you have one, if in doubt call in and ask. If your water company say you have a meter, you have a meter.
    I will post a "how to read a water meter" thread seperately.

    "I have a water meter and I don't want one, what can I do?"
    Nothing. If a water meter is installed you will be charged on a metered rate. There is no way for this to be changed, despite what an estate agent/letting agent may tell you.

    "I want a water meter, what do I do?"
    Simply mention it to your representative whilst moving in. Normally there is an online form you can fill in, PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged the unmetered rate until the meter is fitted.

    "I have agreed to move to the house but I don't move in for a while"
    Fine, if you are moving in within 28 days just start your agreement from the date you actually will be moving in to the property. If you aren't moving in for a while, will there be any renovation works taking place? If they are under 100,000 you are liable for charges and will be moved in as normal. If they are more that 100,000 you will be connected with a specialist developer team. I have no idea what they do but I am told they are very good at what they do!
    If your property will be empty and unfurnished (except for white goods) there is no charge to pay.

    "I have received a bill that is not in my name/in the name of 'The occupier'
    Not your name, not your bill, if it is in a 3rd party name then simply write "gone away!" on the envelope and return it to sender unopened. If it is in the name of "The Occupier" please don't pay it, call in and open your own account there is nothing to pay on this one, it is a generic account and any payments end up in a dead account.

    "I liked being with *********** Water, why can't I stay with them?"
    At present, the Water Industry is regulated so you cannot change your water provider. This has bred some what of a TINY mentality (Tough It's Now Yours!) However, there is talk of deregulation which will mean that in the future (we were told 2018) you will be able to pick which company provides your water services, BUSINESS CUSTOMERS CAN ALREADY DO THIS, PLEASE CHECK THE OPEN WATER WEBSITE http://www.open-water.org.uk/for-customers/

    Now for the process, and I warn you it is REALLY boring!!

    You will be asked a series of questions about your property and move in. I recommend that you wait until the process ends before you ask questions. This means it goes quicker and you are more informed with what you happen. You will be informed of your full bill if you are unmetered and an approximate amount for metered.

    Your bills will be either once yearly for unmetered or 6 monthly for metered. You can set up a payment plan over monthly installments (or more frequently if you need to) and there are several different payment methods.

    Direct Debit (monthly/six monthly- you cannot have a direct debit for less than a month) Best for? anyone with a bank account that allows DD.

    Standing Order (monthly/six monthly/fornightly/weekly) Best for? People who know need their money taken on a specific date/day of the month.

    Cash/Cheque (see standing order): Please allow 7 days for clearing.

    Payment Card: (see standing order) can be used in any paypoint Best for: people who want to pay in cash at the counter.

    Water companies can use electoral registers, credit reference agencies and third parties to find out who is liable for the bill. If you feel this is not you, you will be asked for written proof or for the responsible person to contact the company to change this. A tenancy agreement/service charge agreement will suffice.

    DO NOT pay bills in the name of the Occupier as this is a generic account and the monies will not be transferred automatically, plus you will get bills once every three months for the whole year until you open an account in your name.

    LANDLORDS: If you receive a letter with regards to "the occupier" if there is no renovation or furniture than please leave the letter somewhere the tenant can find it, there is no charge for yourself. You can also move tenants in and out of your properties on their behalf, please advise them you are doing this however.

    And in the words of Bugs Bunny..... That's all folks!
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