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Liability for someone else's debt

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  • Liability for someone else's debt

    Not sure if this is the right thread so apologies if not.

    In April 2014, I moved into a shared accommodation property with two other girls. As lead tenant, I organised everything, all bills etc were in my name. In April 2015, one of the girls moved out.

    In October 2015, I cancelled my virgin media account as I was going to be travelling for work and the flat was really just a 'home base' for when I got a week off etc and so that all my bills were still going to the same place. Work was paying for my travel and accommodation in other places so it wasn't too big a deal to pay rent on a flat I wasn't staying in. I had closed the account early and so I'd paid a bit extra and whatever. My account was closed but my remaining flatmate took out a virgin account in her name.

    I moved out in March 2016, informed all the utilities that were still in my name that I'd be moving out and they issued final bills etc. I couldn't cancel VM as it was in my flatmates name.

    So this week, moving into a new place with my bf, I try to set up virgin media, only to get a phone call telling me that I can't be given services because there's a 76 debt at a property I once lived at. (My ex-flatmate moved out at the end of April 2016 but apparently didn't cancel her account)

    I've since had a discussion with 3 different departments (orders, collections and customer services) who have all confirmed that unless I pay off a debt that is not in my name and nothing to do with me, I cannot get my services.

    I'm expecting a call from senior management tomorrow afternoon after I kicked up a bit of a fuss but legally, can I be held accountable for someone else's debt with them?
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    Re: Liability for someone else's debt

    surely they cannot hold YOU responsible for your ex-flatmate's debt??

    have you got that in writing?
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      Re: Liability for someone else's debt

      I asked them to send me an email confirming this and it says:

      We've completed the credit check and there seems to be an outstanding balance at your address. Although the account may not be in your name, we can see from our records that you were living at the address at the time - so before we can go any further, we'll need the amount to be paid off in full.

      But no need to worry, we can have this resolved in a flash. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to give our guys a call on 0800 052 7588 and make sure you have a credit or debit card at hand and we?ll have this payment processed and cleared in no time.

      I also had the woman say clearly that she was confirming that unless I pay off someone else's debt, they won't allow me to have the service.



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