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British gas warrant

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  • British gas warrant

    Hi, I have recently received a letter from British gas with who I have both gas and electricity, stating that they are applying for a warrant to install pre paid meters in my house which I rent. I am absolutely terrified. I have agoraphobia, anxiety and depression and have not left the house since February 24th 2015. No one comes to my house, only my children and the man who delivers my shopping. I do owe them money but I have great trouble talking to people so have buried my head. I have been unable to contact them to arrange a repayment plan because of this. I used to have a community nurse who dealt with all things like this for me but she doesn't come any more because of funding. I am just hoping someone can help me.
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    Re: British gas warrant

    Hi and welcome, am sorry about your situation it must be very stressful.
    Have you no one who can speak for you? you mention your children?
    British gas do have guidelines for vulnerable customers but sadly until they know your situation they will not be able to help.
    Your local CAB or social services may be able to help also your GP may make a referral for a reassessment of your condition.
    As things have got this far with the debt it must have been going on for some time, have you had a recent benefit check to make sure you are getting all you are entitled to?




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      Re: British gas warrant

      Hello and thank you. I have managed to pluck up the courage to call British gas and they were honestly fantastic. The lady I spoke to in customer relations has cancelled the warrant and also stopped pre payment meters being fitted because of how it will affect me. She has set up an affordable repayment plan and also sent me a form for a trust that British gas have that helps vunerable people like myself and they could help pay off some of the arrears. You were right, they couldn't help unless I told them my situation! I may be able to sleep tonight now for the first time in quite a while. Thanks again.


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        Re: British gas warrant

        Am so pleased you are sorted and the fact you managed to do this yourself is a bonus.
        If you need help with anyhting else , just ask and once again well done .
        Enaid x





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