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  • Post Office / Royal Mail

    Would really appreciate some legal advice to pursue a problem i am having with the post office and how i should go about it.
    I have not had any mail delivered for one year. I have lived at my address since June 2011. The same postman has been delivering here since. I live in a small block of flats and the postman delivers our mail between 2-4pm. Consequently, the tradesman entrance to our flats is locked and the postman rings on the buzzer for someone to open the door. Even though frequently we had no post he would call on my flat. I used to work on a night shift and found the situation becoming frustrating. So, i phoned their customer services to make a complaint. The situation continued so on one occasion i asked him not to ring on my flat. He replied "don't you want your post you c*nt"! I didn't reply.
    The buzzing continued for a total of 4 years until i confronted him outside my block of flats, while he was sitting in his van. I asked what his problem was and while pointing my finger, he lashed out at my arm. I could see that the ordeal was becoming more threatening, so i left and went to an appointment. When i arrived back, the police were at my property and the postman had accused me of punching him in the face 3 times and spitting at him! A total lie, but the police had to act and i was arrested. Following several hours in a local prison cell, then being interviewed i was released and no action was taken. When the police arrived several of my neighbours came out to see what the commotion was. The same postman still delivers to all my neighbours. Not exactly the action of someone who was supposed to be physically attacked. Anyway, after making further complaints i have never received a reply and now considering pursuing this matter through a small claims court. I have written to the sector manager at Royal Mail and did not receive a reply. Also i have been collecting the post which is a 50 minute round trip by car and out of my way. I am looking to take this further and wondering how i should go about it?

    What do you think i should do
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    Re: Post Office / Royal Mail


    Hold tight, someone will be there soon.
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