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Sneaky communal stair smart-meter installation by electricity supplier.

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  • Sneaky communal stair smart-meter installation by electricity supplier.

    I've just been the recipient of some rather annoying news regarding the subject.

    I live in a small block of flats composing 5 households in the stair and we pay the supplier quarterly for stair and outside lighting. We have had several problems with billing issues over the past 20 years until one person in the stair took on board a 'landlord' role which the supplier wanted to bill. Everything was fine, bar a few inaccurate bills, until this morning when I received an email from the designated 'Landlord'.

    In the mail, whilst discussing yet another incorrect bill with the supplier, he was matter-of-factly informed that we, in the stair, could be on a slightly cheaper tariff. However, this would involve paying by Direct Debit. He was then, on the back of this, informed that the supplier wanted to change the meter in the stair to a smart meter.........and he agreed without consulting anyone in the stair!

    The supplier also wants us to set up a Residents' Committee with a Treasurer, Secretary and Chair!! I am absolutely LIVID about this! What right does any company have to dictate this kind of policy to its customers??
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