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The N Power nightmare continues

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  • The N Power nightmare continues

    Hi all

    I took N Power to Ofgem at the end of last year as they were not addressing my complaint
    - mainly that they kept saying that the block on my account had been removed (when it hadn't)
    and I was unable to transfer to another provider..due to arrears.
    .that were their fault as they had failed to claim my direct debit for 5 months one year and 7 months the next!!
    (new systems apparently).

    They were told they had to provide me with statements (which mean nothing as they do not detail anything!!)
    and also allow me to set up a payment plan to move the electric from them (gas already moved).

    They stated to Ofgem that all this had been completed on 14/5/16!!

    I have been chasing this for the last 4 months (constantly ringing to be given varying excuses as to why it can't be done at that time) to no avail...meanwhile we are on the standard tariff and paying more for our electricity!

    I have received varying bills - both of which (gas and elec) were in arrears.

    I have referred this to the complaints team and they are not much better tbh!

    Apparently I am in credit by over 100 on my gas.

    I was told today that I am not getting a refund as I am in arrears on my electricity account and they will transfer this money to that balance.

    Are they able to do this??

    I'm confused as:-

    1/ they claim it is still a 'dual fuel' account on the same account number we have always had.

    2/ They have not been supplying gas for well over 6 months - so therefore it is (or should not be) a dual fuel account!!

    Initially, I was advised that they would have to split the accounts as we were no longer with them for gas, now, this has changed - conveniently as the gas account has a credit on it.

    Where do I stand please? as I feel they are just making it up as they go along to suit them (which does not surprise me - what a shower@@***).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: The N Power nightmare continues

    I am sure someone with better knowledge will be along soon but have you tried emailing the CEO? I had similar issues in the past and after exhausting the usual channels found emailing the organ grinder works.
    CEO Mr. Paul Coffey paul.coffey@rwenpower.com
    Worth a try and won't cost you anything.

    An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
    ~ Anonymous


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      Re: The N Power nightmare continues

      Hi FoxyFlugel

      I tweeted your thread and NPower have responded very quickly:

      npower help@npowerhelp 4m4 minutes ago
      @LegalBeagles Hello there, this isn't good! We will be happy to help if you can send us a DM? ^L

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      I have sent them a direct message asking for an email address but in the meantime if you want to private message me your name and Power account number we can get this mess resolved quickly. xxx
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      I am proud to have co-founded LegalBeagles in 2007


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        Re: The N Power nightmare continues

        Wow! Impressive stuff.

        An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
        ~ Anonymous


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          Re: The N Power nightmare continues

          Hi all

          Just a quick update.

          I have sent an email (on the same day) to the address given by Celestine with all the relevant links in and my details.........so we shall see!!




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            Re: The N Power nightmare continues

            I have still heard not a peep from Npower.....yet they are ringing me whilst I am at work on my mobile and sending me messages on my mobile to call them urgently!! The left arm doesn't know what the right arms doing ...springs to mind. If they think they are charging me another 10.50 for this they can think again... I have no intentions of paying these fees that have already been applied as they assured me that all 'collection' action would be suspended whilst this is sorted out.

            Unbelievable... Some idiots just aren't worth worrying about... I've had more than enough of these Pillocks.

            Ive referred it back to Ofgem and... What a surprise... I've heard nothing from them either!


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              Re: The N Power nightmare continues

              can i send you my account number and name? im in npower hell


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