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Utilities Billing Code for Business

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  • Utilities Billing Code for Business

    Is there a billing code of practice for Businesses? I am secretary of a private members club (CIU) I would have thought that once we had changed suppliers & paid the final bill with an acurate reading that would be it.

    Our A/C with NPower which was from 2004/2008 ending on 30/10/08 we received a final settlement bill in December 08 and paid it.

    Now in July 2009 a company Revenue Assurance have contacted us and informed us that due to inccorrect readings between 2004 & march 2008 that we owe 1610.99, Npower has never informed us of this. The info they have supplied is very difficult to balance with our accounts, over the period of the contract we were quoted 282 per month, over the period we have paid an average of 300+ a total of 16046.00 inc vat & CCL. At the start of 2008 they credited us for over charging us, as we can not agree on the historical readings & info' how do we stand in law?

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    Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

    I'm fairly sure that they can only claim back one year, not sure if this is only for private users. I am sure someone else will be along shortly to correct me


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      Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

      since 2009 no one came around....

      They told my meter was on two rates where my broker told I was on single rates, so reading was wrong. their back bill charge since 2012 stand at over 6000 Is there a difference between treatment private o/and business energy user?
      [MENTION=39710]des8[/MENTION] [MENTION=62334]Snoopy1948[/MENTION] may know as they may have work in this field came around many businesses


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        Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

        There is a voluntary code that some suppliers have signed up to regarding micro businesses.
        You can see here if you qualify, and if your supplier is a signatory http://www.energy-uk.org.uk/files/do...mersApril2.pdf


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          Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

          Thanks you @des8
          max back-bill length

          the one I use sign for one year max back-charge. But it did charge me over several years!!! They call it "catch up bill"
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            Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

            If a company has signed in the voluntary code max back-bill length is 12 months, but in reality charges back dated more then 12 mo, Is there any exception they don't need to hold on that agreement?


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              Re: Utilities Billing Code for Business

              The problem is that it is only a voluntary code.
              Having said that note the standards in the preamble and has your supplier informed you of your rights, in particular Standard 2 para 6

              There are of course responsibilities on the customers side.

              We do not have sufficient details to advise whether or not the supplier's limit on back billing applies.



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