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Co-Op energy "re-calculated" bill one year later

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  • Co-Op energy "re-calculated" bill one year later

    My partner left her rented property in Oct 2016. In March 2017 we received a bill for the amount owed, around 7.50 which I paid, was told the account was now closed and thought no further of it. c.600 was paid in total for the 12 months she was a tenant there. [A letter was never sent saying the account was closed, but I have the phone-call recoreded].

    In Nov 2017, a letter was sent saying >500 is still owed on the account [on top of the 600 already paid] as they have re-calculated the amount of electricity used. The meter readings show over 600 of electricity was used in Aug 2016 [during which we were both away for most of the month], which Co-Op claim could be down to leaving the heating on...

    My partner submitted the electric meter reading at the end of August but we think we may have sent the wrong figure [either the wrong flat's meter reading, or just a typo]. A meter reading was done by a "Co-Op rep" at the end of the tenancy, Oct 31st 2016. The meter reading we sent does now show a massive spike in energy use in Aug 2016, however it's a very small flat, which could very unlikely use 500 worth of heating in 4 weeks. We have said to Co-Op that maybe we sent the wrong figure at the end of August and that the "Co-Op Rep" had just added an extra few kWh at the end of the tenancy, as we no longer have any proof [usually photographed the meter] of the readings, and Co-Op can't provide any evidence from their end of the final meter reading.


    1. As Co-Op have previously said the account is closed; can we say 'tough, the customer has already left the shop' before you recalculated?

    2. I believe it's impossible for one person living in a small flat to use >500 worth of energy in one month so there must have been an incorrect reading sent from our end; unless they can prove the final meter reading by their rep - why should we pay?

    3. We are already on a final notice and debt-collectors have been in contact but Co-Op refuse to budge. Any suggestions please?
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    Re: Co-Op energy "re-calculated" bill one year later

    As the Co-op meter reader carried out a final reading 31 Oct 2016 and she was sent a final bill March 2017 have the Co-OP explained why there "final bill" was incorrect and it took them a further 8 months to discover the discrepancy?
    Whether or not the reading sent by her at the end of August was incorrect or not, that should not have impinged on the final bill which should have been calculated on their meter reading
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      Re: Co-Op energy "re-calculated" bill one year later

      Thanks for the tag [MENTION=38669]Des[/MENTION].

      Sounds like a balls-up on Co-op's part and then some.

      I can help, and gladly will, but first will need a little more information.

      Could you kindly provide me with 2/3 meter readings from your partner's previous property when they were there full time? From that I can work out their daily use.

      Please provide me with the final meter reading as well, based on that I can work out what the final read should be, or indeed if it was right.

      Now we need to fight fire with fire. Send in a written/email complaint, outlining everything. send in proof your partner moved out (new tenancy agreement/council tax bill/water bill- something like that) and ask for documentary proof of their calculations.
      Ask them how they suggest a spike occured AFTER YOUR PARTNER MOVED OUT, and politely remind them that any renovation work taking place after a property is vacated is the responsibility of the landlord. Clearly state you dispute the bill entirely and that you will contact them with a manual calculation shortly. Also advise them you will be contacting OFGEM and the Ombudsman if this is not dealt with in an appropriate manner. PLEASE NOTE you have to give them 8 weeks to clear this up before you can do this. Remind them they are required to put a disputed balance on hold in the interim.

      Use words like "Inflated charges" "HIGHLY disputed" and "Ofgem code of Practice!"
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