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Bank Scam

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  • Bank Scam

    Hi there,
    my brother in law had a phone call (or so he thought) from his bank last week advising him that his account had been compromised & to transfer his money to a new account. ‘They’ called his mobile & the name of the bank came up as the caller ID; I’m guessing this is all part of the scam itself. Once he’d transferred, he had second thoughts & tried to call the bank himself but it sounds as if the scammers had kept the line open (he hadn’t used another phone line) Consequently, he has lost his money & is feeling rather foolish.
    The bank have advised he won’t get any of the money back but they are investigating...I wonder where he stands with raising a complaint against the bank? Somehow (it maybe pure coincidence?) the scammers have linked his mobile number with that account & perhaps knew he had a significant amount in his account? Any advice on next steps very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Bank Scam

    Oh goodness, I'm sorry your post has been missed Welsh18. I hope he has made a report to the Police / Action Fraud and has actually been in touch with his bank already about this.

    How did he make the transfer ?
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      Re: Bank Scam

      It's all too common these days, I got a text yesterday from reporting to be my bank asking me to ring a number, I rang it & was answered by an IVR asking for my bank account number I entered the number but purposely changed a few numbers, they then asked for my 2nd & 4th pin number, I entered 2 random numbers, it then bleeped & advised it hadn't got those & could I enter my 1st & 3rd pin numbers. Inputted 2 more random numbers at which point it advised I would be put through to somebody, but I'd heard enough & put the phone down. I then reported the number to my bank, checked it 2 hours later & you now cannot call it.

      Doesn't help your friend & I'm not sure there is much he can do apart from as said call Action Fraud, but you should never give out any information to anyone who rings you, always take their name & department, put the phone down & ring back on the number on your card. Do not ring the 0845 or 0870/1/2 number always ring the one listed for overseas it will be cheaper, or get the 0800 number off the website.
      Sorry i'm just thinking out loud, it might be irrelevant, I am not employed in anyway in the legal profession, please ensure you research any advice I give before using it I have been known to be wrong on multiple occasions.




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