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Failure to meet service recomendations for hire car

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  • Failure to meet service recomendations for hire car

    Background Info;
    The car was commissioned in November 2015, I hired the car in January 2016.
    Paid for the maintenance pack and got it serviced in November 2016, as that's what the sticker on the windscreen said to do [with some issues, as the company I hired from almost didn't agree to the service, and I was stuck waiting around at the dealership for hours while they sorted it out].
    It's now a year and two weeks later, the reminder sticker on the windscreen has faded to the point that it's blank and it's slipped my mind with the focus purely on the fact the contract runs out in January and all the letters and phone calls I've had with fleet have focused purely on them selling me a new car, or dealing with the return of my current car.

    I have emailed the dealership asking if it still needs the service, as to my knowledge the package I paid for was intended to only cover the one service over the two year period.
    edit; I asked if one was expected and if it was still covered. I've just got their reply now saying;
    "If a service is due on your current vehicle you will need to get it booked in with your local Nissan Dealer, and also if you have taken out a service agreement with Nissan Finance then the pricing should be covered."
    I've read over the contract and while it says it needs servicing in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, it doesn't say what happens if it isn't. it just says that:

    In the event that the Goods are returned to us for any reason and you have failed to comply with your obligation to keep the Goods properly serviced and in good repair and condition (see clause 7.2 of the Terms), you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs necessary to put the Goods in good repair and condition.
    The only other clause I can find is that I can no longer terminate the contract early.

    I have double checked the manufacturer guidelines and it is a 1-year interval if under the mileage (which I am). So It's certainly 2 days late, and likely to be 3 by the time it can get serviced.

    Also if they don't agree to a service, despite me paying for the service package... what then? Am I obligated to pay for the service and suffer w/e cost it being late would incur, I'd be fine if the former avoided the latter, but I think that could be wishful thinking...

    Does anyone have any experience with this, or anyone works in the industry and can offer me any assistance and advice on what to expect.

    Thank you in advance for reading and any advice you can offer.
    Last edited by I Cannon; 24th November 2017, 23:36:PM.
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