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Local Main Dealer Won't Repair My Vehicle Under Warranty

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  • Local Main Dealer Won't Repair My Vehicle Under Warranty

    Hi all, first post here!

    I bought a new car (albeit, used), over three months ago. I bought it from a main dealer, for the one year warranty, and supposed peace of mind. They carried out all their pre-sale checks on it, I paid them several thousand quid, and was on my way.

    The car is a jeep 4x4, and ever since I've driven it, it always felt a bit strange on the road (more so at high speed). I used to have a hatchback, and never recall having this problem.

    Anyway, one and a half months after I bought it, an ABS issue cropped up, and a wheel speed sensor had to be replaced. This was covered under warranty. While they did that, I asked them if they'd also check the tracking (do a four wheel alignment) as the rear wheels did look a bit odd in alignment, when viewing the car standing several metres behind. The guy said "it could just be the way the car toes" but nevertheless they supposedly did the alignment too.

    Got my car back. Shortly after this (it has probably been doing this all along), I began to notice the car would veer left on pretty much every road. If I take my hands off the wheel on a dead straight motorway road, the car slowly veers left. If I go over potholes or speed bumps, when the car bounces, the wheel then tilts down left and the car veers left. Clearly, this isn't right. I recently went to Scotland for a break, and was up there a week and a half. I clocked up 2,200 miles in total and noticed the car veering left constantly.

    So when I got home, I figured the tracking is wrong and need to get this fixed. Got it checked at a local tyre place that I use, who have good customer reviews and do a good job, and they tell me the tracking is all over the place, likely due to an issue with the subframe which is potentially a manufacturing issue, or possibly if something has been replaced, and the engineer then did a botch job. They said they couldn't fix it as it's a "jeep issue," and I'd have to go back to the dealer, as I'm under warranty anyway.

    I went back to the dealer who outright dismissed the tracking results from the independent tyre company, and they agreed that they would do one last four wheel alignment, and "couldn't say fairer than that." The service dept guy did not think that the issue with my car's subframe was necessarily linked to tracking issues. Well, before I took it back to jeep again, I went to *another* local tyre place. They also said my tracking is "all over the place," and that jeep are basically lying to me that any proper four wheel alignments have been done recently.

    So, one week ago, I went back to jeep and spoke to a more understanding service department rep who took my car and gave me another courtesy car for last weekend. I was called last Monday afternoon by jeep, telling me the tracking has been done and the car is ready to pick up. I pick it up, the tracking results look much more green, and the guy says they have fixed the issue with the rear driver's side wheel (where there is a likely manufacturing subframe fault), although the camber on passenger's side is red. The guy firstly says that they have "sorted the subframe issue," then later contradicts himself, saying the "camber issue should cause negligible tracking issues, so you should be fine." But he states this is linked back to the subframe and admits there could be a manufacturing problem, and it would take "hours and hours of fiddling around and replacing things to sort this out properly."

    Well, I go on my way, sceptically, with the car still veering left. I take it back to the first independent tyre place and they say the subframe has *NOT* been fixed (as I thought), and while the tracking is better for the rear driver's side wheel, it is off on the passenger's side front and camber and my vehicle will "ultimately never ever have proper tracking until the subframe is replaced." The mechanic says this is admittedly a big big job, as it means replacing the subframe, and basically a whole section on the back of the car, and installing new parts, which would take hours. I have a one year warranty with jeep, and while tracking is not covered under that, this is besides the point, because they have sold me a car with a seemingly obvious tracking issue down to a likely manufacturing fault, and the dealership will not fix it.

    Now what do I do? I have rang RAC and consulted them about inspections, but the results cannot be used in litigation. They have referred me on to the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors who's results *could* be used in court, but they charge 90 an hour.

    The only thing I can think of doing at present, which the tyre place recommends, is going to the next local jeep dealership and telling them the situation, as my local jeep dealer have proven to be unwilling to help.

    I have a car which is constantly veering to the left, which they sold to me with what looks to be a manufacturing defect.

    Any advice would be brilliant, as if this doesn't get fixed soon, I will take them to small claims.
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