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Being forced into voluntary surrender - VT refused

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  • Being forced into voluntary surrender - VT refused

    Hi Guys

    Just wondering if anyone knows where i stand legally on this. I had a car from Moneyway and have paid off 50% of the value and requested to VT. long story short i have had so many issues with Moneyway i no longer wish to be associated with them in any way.

    They have refused my VT and said i must voluntary surrender as i missed 2 paymenta in december 2016 ( was brought up to date) they are saying they terminated my contract and due to that i cannot VT.

    They have asked for a letter giving permission to VS but they refused to accept it because i had advised on the letter this is not my decision to VT and Moneyway forced me into it.

    My credit file is already ruined beyond repair in my lifetime due to being so wreckless with credit when i was younger so a VS wouldnt be the end of the world but i will only do this if they accept that they have forced me into it.

    Are their any other options available and another question i would like to know that if they terminated my contract in January 2017 but never repossessed the car and kept taking my payments am i entitled to all the payments made since then back since i was under no contractual obligation to pay them?
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    Re: Being forced into voluntary surrender - VT refused

    Did you get a letter form them telling them that they had terminated the contract? I believe, though others will correct me, that once being in arrears and now up to date cannot stop a VT.



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