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Parking eye CCJ for 10 minutes in car park

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  • Parking eye CCJ for 10 minutes in car park

    Good evening everyone,*
    Thank you for stopping by to read my post.*
    So this is how it all started , last Friday my partner and I decided to open a joint bank account an error occurred and the lady at the bank said that it was on my said. Confused by her statement I logged on to experian and was shocked on how my credit rating has gone down upon researching I found out i was issued a CCJ.

    I called the court and figured out it was Parking eye that had filled the CCJ against me. I rang them up and got to the bottom of the matter:

    On the 27th of January I parked at a car park in London, discovered I have no change and no debit card I left the car in the car park with the hazard lights on to find a place to get change from, however was reluctant so returned to the car park after 10 minutes and drove my car off.*
    Couple of days after I received a parking ticket for illegally parking at the same car park mentioned above, I challenged the fine explaining the circumstances and got a letter with rejection.*
    At the time we were moving house while I was going serious medical issues there forward this completely slip my mind until couple of days ago when i discovered the CCJ because of it.*

    ( The rejection letter from parking eye was send 15th of February.
    (We moved house on the 06th of March.
    My license was changed on the 15th of March. (changed to the new address)
    The papers of the V5 were send off 15th of April (changed to the new address)
    Received on the 3rd of May (with the new address)

    However non of this was reflected and all the papers were send to the old address.

    I contacted parking eye today the 1st of September and spoke with a very rude lady on the other side of the phone which informed me that there is nothing they can do I need to file a N244 form and pray for the best !

    I read that you could email parking eye and ask them if they would be prepared to sign a consent order if I paid the charges in full. However I am struggling to find their legal teams email and to structure this right.

    I know there is many people how are going through this and i highly appreciate any assistance, I only want the CCJ set aside. I don't mind paying I just want the CCJ removed.I beg you for any advice and help I will be very grateful .

    Thank you !
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    Re: Parking eye CCJ for 10 minutes in car park

    Could I please have some advice [MENTION=5354]mystery1[/MENTION] , I am getting desperate this is literally keeping me up at night. I would highly appreciate any advice please.


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      Re: Parking eye CCJ for 10 minutes in car park

      Just a quick update, the initial letter ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6w70ji1ee...70907.jpg?dl=0



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