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** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

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    Re: ** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

    Yes we will pay it in one go
    Does this count as a CCJ?


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      Re: ** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

      It does, yes. If you pay it within 28 days it won't get entered on the judgment register and won't show on your credit file.

      You should get an order through from the court with the details on in the next week or so - did they get any additional costs do you know?
      I'm away till the 24th August - please contact @Kati if needed

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        Re: ** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

        They got the original amount requested which included Fees, solicitors costs and interest £264.94


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          Re: ** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

          Was the driver ever identified in court ? If not how did the judge deal with Excel v Smith as i linked to above ?

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            Re: ** Lost ** BW Legal & CC Claim Form

            The judge didn't he just kept ruling in their favour��


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