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Exel Parking Charge

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  • Exel Parking Charge

    I am looking for some advice. In June I received a PCN as a result of my ticket not being clearly displayed in the window in an EXEL carpark. I had purchased the 1.80 ticket and placed it correctly on the dashboard but the weather was not great and on leaving the car it must have blown over. When I returned to the car I was shocked to see the charge. I immediately followed the procedure that was emailed to me to show evidence that I had in fact bought and paid for the ticket that was the wrong way up. I also added a ticket from a carpark that I was in after this to show I also left the car park within the time period. I did not believe there would be a problem as the ticket was clearly paid for. My appeal was rejected much to my surprise as I thought the fact the ticket had been paid and evidenced was enough. Their issue was that there was a breach of terms as the ticket information was not clearly displayed, the fine now 100 instead of 60. I appealed to the independent body, IAS, who also rejected my appeal as it did not meet the terms and conditions of the company although sympathising with my situation. I decided to wait and see what next steps were taken. I have since received a notice of intended court proceedings but am unsure of who the letter is from, the page has a VCs and IPC logo on it. This letter is very threatening, suggesting court proceedings, a decree, sheriff officer, earnings arrestment and letter of inhibition. Again I have waited to see if they are going to take court proceedings. Yesterday I received another letter from VCS stating I have failed to pay the account balance and that it has been passed to BW Legal. Their letter came in the same envelope it states they have been instructed by Vehicle Control Services to collect the 100 PCN plus a further 60 Client's debt recovery costs and that I have 16 days to do soor the have been instructed to commence legal proceedings at the sheriffs court.

    I have now written to exel to complain about their treatment of genuine customers and that it is very unfair to fine someone who had actually paid for a ticket and that the fines costs are far too much. Not sure whether this was the right thing to do but done now.

    My question is, should I continue to ignore the letters or pay BW legal the 100 fine or the full 160? I do not feel confident to represent myself if this went to court as I am unsure of what this would involve, I also cannot afford for the cost stop continue to go up.
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    Re: Exel Parking Charge

    You will get no sympathy at all from Excel, they want their money. It's also a pity that you contacted them at all as you appear to be in Scotland and the advice in Scotland is still ignore as they can do nothing if they do not know the name of the driver. That's for future reference.

    You could fight them in court on the basis that the tickets were not fit for purpose and should have had adhesive on them or possibly signs were not correct or capable of creating a contract. You will get help if you decide to go this way. The alternative is to offer them, say, 80 to go away. It costs them more than they recover to go to court and your offer might just get accepted. Mark your letter "Without Prejudice".


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      Re: Exel Parking Charge

      Why are you getting getting letters from VCS if it's an Excel car park?

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        Re: Exel Parking Charge

        Well spotted Charity !!


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