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Forgot to display a blue badge

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  • Forgot to display a blue badge

    We parked at Argos, The Peel Centre Stockport at 12.35pm 20th May, 2016. Purchased a ticket for 1.30 and displayed it in the car. Unfortunately, there was a problem with our purchase and we returned to the store at 15.25pm. We parked in a disabled bay, purchased another ticket for 1.30 but forgot to put out my blue badge.

    Our parking ticket shows we purchased the ticket at 15.25pm.

    We returned to the car less than 5 minutes later to see a parking warden at the vehicle. He said he had started writing out a ticket, so he had to complete it - I shall return to this point later. We showed him my blue badge, my walking sticks and said the car was a motability vehicle but he would not be budged! He continued writing, then handed me the ticket, did not place it into the yellow wallet and did not attach it to our vehicle. This is where it get's interesting: It is clear the ticket had been partially completed IN ADVANCE. The details relating to the site number, the address, his Patrol Officer Number and the year 2016 area in BLUE INK. I watched as he completed the ticket with our car details in BLACK INK. The writing in BLACK INK gives the timing of 15.28pm to 15.30pm - he added the 15.30pm time whilst we were with him so clearly we had returned to the vehicle before.

    So, for the honest mistake of forgetting to put out the badge, our less than 5 minute stay, they are charging 100, reduced to 60 if paid within 14 days which equates to 12 per minute.

    Apart from the above, Excel have not suffered any loss, we had already paid them 2.60 that day by buying two tickets.

    Help please.
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    Re: Forgot to display a blue badge

    [MENTION=5354]mystery1[/MENTION] I think this one is a straight appeal
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      Re: Forgot to display a blue badge

      [MENTION=86179]Claudiepops[/MENTION] ... any chance you can post up a redacted pic of what you've received (or email it to me with a note telling me your username or a link to this thread so I can do it)?
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        Re: Forgot to display a blue badge


        This is not a council ticket so the requirements are not very strict. The best bet is to contact the management at Argos and/or the social media teams.

        The appeals system is pretty pish so the best way to win, aside from Argos being decent, is at court if they have the balls to go there. The peel centre is probably the most infamous private car park in England.

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